Saturday, October 30, 2010

Shocking but true...


This picture is after I washed (felted) that skirt.
I only had to make one cut
to make a simple pillow.
What a great find with that fringe!
I have been inspired by some felt pillows
I've seen recently at a couple of stores.
(but they were massed produced and not near as cute).
I first wanted to have a silhouette of a Halloween scene
but I thought that was too much work.
Martha Stewart has a template of creepy mice
that I downloaded and traced on freezer paper
and then I ironed them onto the black felted sweater.
(Davis brought home that silly pumpkin cup
and candy from school).
I really like those creepy mice!
I hand stitched them on to
the pre-pillow.
I only machine sewed the top of the pillow
and kept the sides of the skirt.
I hand stitched the bottom to close the pillow.
I'm SOOOO excited how it turned out!

I have a confession:
for the last few years I haven't
decorated much for Halloween.
Years ago I didn't decorate much either
but now it's to a dismal level.
I feel almost anti-Utahn or anti-Mormon
for not being so into Halloween
(which is silly!
I'm quite in love with Utah
and I really am a Mormon girl)!

I have my reasons:

1. Where I live they only have trunk-or-treat.

2. I have never had many Halloween decorations
and I couldn't ever see spending much
money on decorations
(I have some pretty lame decorations in storage).
Although I have seen some cute 
ones recently and was very tempted.
I decorated more when the kids were young
(I would put up their homemade Halloween decorations,
which I loved).
Maybe when grand kids start getting older 
I will get bitten by the decorating for Halloween bug.
It could happen
(or then again, maybe not).

3. I don't like Halloween much.
I'm not anti-Halloween.
I understand the fun that can be had
with celebrating Halloween 
in a just-for-fun sort of way.
I think I just realized that it's because the kids 
have grown up so much.
They were the fun
in Halloween for me.

4. You have to clean up after you decorate for Halloween
and I figured out,
so brilliantly, 
I might add,
that if you don't put much out
 you don't have much to put away!

No matter.
That pillow is dang cute!
And if I get around to it today
I want to make a skeleton purse.
But, then that will make two things I have to put away.


Brandi said...

That pillow is super cute! :)

Cheryl G. said...

Thank you!