Saturday, February 28, 2009

Good Fortune

Yes, I've had challenges, but who hasn't. I didn't want to seem like life is all bad, so that's when Good Fortune came into my head. No, we are not wealthy. I have worked about 15 years of the 23 that we have been married. I am now able to stay home with Davis which means we make enough for me to do that and have two missionaries out. I was thinking about one of the first good fortunes to happen to me was Jeff. I love a quote that I embroidered: When two fond hearts unite, the yoke is easy, the burden light. That sums up our marriage! He is amazing in so many ways. I know I chose well, but I am lucky for marrying a man of extraordinary character, plus he makes me laugh!
So here's a short list of other Good Fortunes in my life: 2 My four kids. I absolutely adore them! They have been a challenge at times yet they make me so happy. They each are amazing in their own way! 3 Our awesome house (it may be oldish and needs updating, but I love it). Included in that is where we live. It feels like we are in the middle of the mountains, almost isolated, lots of peace and quite, yet we are close enough to town to make it convenient. Our last house was a very small, not quite 1100 sq ft. three bedroom home in Florida that backed a four lane highway. The house had it's good qualities and we have many good memories of us in that house but it was very small for six people. I loved Florida, but it does make me ever more grateful for what we have here. 4 Finishing my Nursing Degree just after we were married. I had six months left of Nursing School when we married. Then we worked on Jeff's schooling. When he graduated we had three kids! But we did it together! Which brings me back to 1 Jeff.

Friday, February 27, 2009

reason behind title

Not even close to empty. I'm only 43. Four kids. Only one that lives at home. So too young to be an empty nester....thus the title. Two kids on missions. One living only a half an hour a way, going to college and soon to be married. My youngest has some "issues" that may mean he needs to live with us for a long time.....thus another reason for the title.
I am not that old but have had a lifetime of many challenges, struggles and good fortunes. I feel I am just beginning a new life, a new outlook and a new sense of well being.....thus another reason for the title