Friday, September 30, 2011

49 weeks old and one tired little ray of sunshine.


picture taken two years ago with my phone.

  •   Yesterday Davis had his very first gold panning club meeting that he was in charge. I bought some pay dirt and we both put them in little bags and securely closed them so everyone would have a chance to practice gold panning. I took him to school with all of his supplies--a bucket-like container for water, the little bags of dirt, tiny vials for the high school kids in the club (11 came), a few tiny pipettes, tweezers, and three gold pans (they could each take turns). He has been so excited about this club but also, so very anxious. Sometimes he shows such bravery in some things he does that it touches me deeply to my very core.
  •   Yesterday I exercised for nearly 50 minutes in the morning and then I had the most energy I've had in a very long time till I crashed and burned past every one's bedtime.
  • Yesterday we met adorable Britni ( she is loving college and her husband) for lunch ( I love going to lunch). We met right across the street from the hospital and right before Sheyla had her second MRI (the day before she had her permanent retainers removed). They are also making adjustment to her medicine that will take three more weeks to complete. Hopefully, this will help her to feel better, have an appetite, be able to have a life and be happy (she has no energy, is very tired and feels sick much of the day).
  • Yesterday I worked on four projects, cleaned and vacuumed some of the house and even made dinner. Why yes. I do deserve a medal.
  • Little Miss Sunshine and her cute family came to visit and brought sunshine, smiles and laughter to all our souls.
  • Yesterday we watched XFactor. I really love that show. There are so many talented and many not so talented people on that show. I loved the 14 year old (from Wednesday) that sang a Justin Beiber song who blew everyone away. Wow. There was one tryout that made me cry. Andy Silikovitz is 45 and came with his mother. He obviously has some issues of his own but he wanted to try out. So he sang Hero by Mariah Carey. He sang his heart out. Badly. But it didn't matter. He sang and sang. I pictured Davis one day in the future and those words, the spirit of that little man and the audience clapping and cheering for him made me cry, lots of tears. Boy, that felt good.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Groovy Practice.

I've been planning a post in the future 
about a fantastic art project that I have in my head.
Well really, inspired by many things I've seen on-line.
I will have links and pictures of other people's projects
that I have been inspired by
and getting permission to post pictures.
I am melding two different projects into one.
Until today, it's all been ideas in my head and pictures I look at.
Today I am practicing (the words on poster board)
and painting on canvas (something I saw on-line).
You know how sometimes what you see in your head 
is so different than what actually comes out.
Yeah, it's a lot like that.

Why yes, I love Phil Collins!
This song was on the top 100 in 1988.
We were married in 1986.
We've still got that groovy kind of love.
I'm just not sure if it's going to be on canvas.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Grateful Sundays.

We went for a drive up Payson Canyon right after dinner.
I have been wanting to go up there all summer long.
There is more color in the trees up there than down here.
Soon it will be bathed in all it's autumn splendor
(and not long after, covered in snow).
The four of us piled in the truck and enjoyed 
the scenery (it was so beautiful),
the company (well, at least I did)
and the crisp evening air (for late September anyway).
I loved it all!

Friday, September 23, 2011

First Day of Autumn.

Autumn Haiku

autumn leaves color
beautiful and wonderful
capture a season

by me

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Sunday Dinner, Happy Birthday and Practice Makes Perfect.

These dinner pictures are not the best 
but proof that we some times have Sunday dinners together.
I love when everyone is here.
I know that I can't always have them all
and I'm ok with that.
I also know that some day it won't be nearly as often
but I will take whatever they give me
and be glad for it all.
We don't have the fanciest dinners.
I'm not that type of girl.
It was burritos and tacos (this time)
because everyone likes something or another.
Sweet daughter-in-law's birthday was Sunday 
and we celebrated with cake, a present and a balloon.
Little Miss Sunshine practiced for the big day next month.
I think she may already know how to eat cake.

I started Curves yesterday and I've now been two days in a row.

Monday, September 19, 2011

The bright side of BYU's game.

Even though the score was 10-54
and it was one of the worst games of ALL TIME
I enjoyed myself
(way more than Jeff).
1.  I don't get to go to football games very often 
because Davis hates to go to the games
(it's way too loud and there are way too many people)
and he can't stay home by himself
(we got grandpa to stay with him this time).
2. I got to go to dinner with Jeff before the game
(what's not to love about that).
3. Britni and Adam came too.
 I loved talking with Britni
(we got 4 season tickets and we plan on having different
people go with Jeff to the games
we have three other children---two of whom have spouses
and Grandpa will have to go too--at least once
and Jeff has lots of friends that love to go too).
4. The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful.
5. They gave everyone a white fluffy pom pom
(yeah, that was fun)!

Poor, poor Jeff.

Friday, September 16, 2011

I love Hogle Zoo.

This was the first time that little Miss Sunshine went to the zoo.
She was pretty much indifferent to all of the animals
(oh, she looked at some but wasn't too impressed).
She loved watching all of the people and
was captivated with most of the little children.
She did LOVE the train.
She smiled and smiled throughout almost all of the train ride.
I wished I video taped her
because while we were coming out of the short dark tunnel
her eyes were absolutely the biggest eyes I've ever seen.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Burp cloths and neighbors.

I have a sweet neighbor that gave our daughter-in-law a present
when she had her baby nearly 11 months ago.
She adds some material to cloth diapers in the cutest way
and gives these personalized burp cloths as gifts for new babies.
I have been wanting to know how she does it ever since.
Yesterday, she graciously had me over to her house to show me.
I brought along some cloth diapers I bought from K-mart
and some material I gathered from my house
that I bought from a darling near-by fabric shop, months ago.
My neighbor is a beautiful, multi-talented and young mom of four adorable boys
(the youngest being about 10 weeks old).
She showed me how to cut the pieces of material, just so 
and fold the edges and pin them, just so
and sew along the edges, just so
and iron and fold them, just so.
I gratefully brought four finished burp cloths home
and found a big brown silky ribbon
(from a purchased blanket long time ago)
and tied a sweet bow, just so.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011


It's a squirrel.
In the engine.

47 weeks old (yes, she is almost 1)!

She was getting food from her Daddy.

I know this one isn't focused. I am not that fast of a photographer. Yet I kept it because of her big laugh!

Grandpa (Jeff, to you and me) was playing with Rian. She so adores him and thinks he's the bees knees.

I never say bees knees but I think I'll start. I am a grandma now, after all (yes, a very young grandma, I tell everyone).

Oh, grandpa you are so silly!

Now that's love!

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Look who got her braces off!

Ta Da!
Yes. She is 24 years old.
Sometimes that's what happens to oldest children.
They sometimes have to get braces later.
That's just the way it goes some times.
But wow, don't her teeth look great!
She is still struggling with her health.
Although the doctors office told me that her MRI was normal,
we've been told since then by the doctor and PA
that it may not be completely normal and
because of her braces that causes distortion in the MRI
she will need to have another one
(and they will repeat her EEG).
Which isn't very comforting or reassuring.
They are also trying to get the right medication
and they are playing around with them
to get things just so
(the brain is a tricky organ and isn't always cooperative
or does it always behave the way it's told).
So, she doesn't feel well often and doesn't get out often.
We are praying for the doctors to know what to do
and that they can find answers 
and that Sheyla can respond well to the medication
and be well and happy.

Please, pray for her too.

Have you seen this?
I am amazed at this.
A bunch of people in Northern Utah lifted a car to rescue 
a motorcyclist who crashed into and under a car.
The motorcycle burst into flames and the car started to burn
but these people after realizing the man was underneath the car,
lifted the car with their bare hands and pulled this man from underneath.
The man is expected to be ok, although he looks lifeless in the video.
He had many broken bones and abrasions.
They upgraded his condition in the hospital
(according to recent news reports).
People can be amazing!