Friday, December 31, 2010

Continued Year in Snippets of Pictures...Part 2.

August was beautiful and we were grateful for every day.
Davis was getting better and better every day.
Davis was able to start school even though he went part time for months.
This is what I made for Davis.
Grateful for September.
Davis was very obsessed with gold panning.

Finally got serious about finishing painting!
October was a very full month! Sheyla moves back home (crazy room mate situation).
Davis and no neck brace!
Jeff had a long needed reconstruction surgery on his ankle.
10/20/2010 Little Miss Sunshine appears! Grand baby extraordinaire!
Had time to make a felt pillow with the help of Martha (mouse pattern).
November 3rd. Two weeks old and home!
Sweet baby makes every one happy!
Breathtaking moments.
Blizzard of 2010 fizzles.
December 1st. 6 weeks old!
Lots of snow in December!
Christmas and life take over much of December.
There were some great moments
and some not so great moments
this year
(enough to frequently take my breath away)!
I'm just glad it's over
 and we all made it through the year!
  Here's to a great new year for all of us!
Happy New Year!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

A snippet of our year in pictures OR it was the best of times, it was the worst of times.

January 2nd we had an Open House at our house for this cute couple (married on Dec. 19th in Logan and reception in Idaho).

In January we were lucky enough to go to Costa Rica to celebrate our 24th Wedding Anniversary!
In February I worked on pillows. Lots of pillows.
I worked on the house a lot.
In March I finally got to see Zuri. The cutest baby elephant. Ever!
Sheyla and I went to Disneyland (instead of her getting married the next week). Happy/sad.

Britni took amazing family pictures.
In April we went to Bryce Canyon.
I worked on my house some more.
In May, we got the cutest Toy Poodle that we named Frodo.
Sheyla moved up to Salt Lake City.
We went gold panning.
In June we missed these two cute kids and Chris while they worked and worked.
Worked on more crafts.
In July, we had one of our Nephews for a week. We went to the Grotto and other fun stuff.
July 26th Davis had a horrible bike accident.
That's a little more than half of the year.
The rest tomorrow.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I had my sister this year for Christmas.
I bought her two cute stepdaughters and her husband presents.
I made her seven felt flowers.
I didn't take pictures of those
but I scanned the picture I drew for their 
cute little family.
Just because.

That was a great game.

Davis called me on my cell phone at 3:58.
From downstairs.
He was too excited.
We told him he had to wait till 6:00 am.
He texted at 5:18
that they were ready.
We got up at 6:05.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Almost ready!

I've wrapped a few presents already!
Usually we are up till very late on Christmas Eve.
Not the smartest thing we do.
My oldest sister made that Santa years ago.
How cute is that!
I cleaned some today too.
But only some.
I really need to vacuum.
There are leaf pieces on the floor.
How did that get there?
You can not believe how gross the floors get in my house!

Davis made that amazing bird house.
It will go outside when there is no snow on the ground.
In the Spring.

Those are some of the jars of bath salts
ready to deliver and give out.
I have been just thinking
how weird it is that I made bath salts
(I am giving out store bought cookie dough
to families of the little kids I teach at church
and the ones I will teach next year.
Although, I still have a lot to deliver!
The note says,
"Everyone can use some 
at Christmas time!
I know.
Very clever!
It's not my idea
It's not the first year I've done that.
So NOT so clever!).
 We only put up about a third of our ornaments.
I'm going for simple.
The more I put up the more I have to put away.

One of Jeff's Great Aunts 
made us a sweet nativity when we were first married.
Love it.

Those dogs follow me most everywhere.
Love them!

First time in a month 
that you can see the top of the table!
Got a little more help with the snowflakes.
Not done yet.
I kept the decorations very simple this year.
Less stress for me.
And that's not a bad thing!
Lots of messes elsewhere in the house
so don't you think it's this clean
every where.
There is a vacuum right next to the table
ready to tempt or taunt me.
I've been working on being ready for "the big day"
and the days before and after
(one married couple is staying with us for the next couple of nights
which makes me so happy).

I'm going to tell you something so shocking 
that you may not even be able to believe it.
I am done with my grocery shopping!

Last year I shopped Christmas Eve 15 minutes before the store closed.
In my defense,
we went out of state for our son's wedding
just a few days before
and I didn't think the store would close so early.
Silly and stupid of me!

The lighting is a little funky in the photos
because I took these pictures at night
just a little while ago.
 The house wasn't ready earlier and won't be ready again tomorrow
or the next day or the day after that
or the day after that
etc. etc. etc.

So it goes without saying,
I'm not posting tomorrow.
I said it anyway.

Merry Christmas!
Hoping your holidays are simple and sweet!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Bath Salts and Snowflakes.

On Monday night
Sheyla helped me make up two batches of Bath Salts.
We listened to Christmas music and smelled of Lavender and Eucalyptus.
I love that she helped me.
I love that we're done.
I've seen paper snowflakes on many blogs
and I googled paper snowflakes too.
Go here and here and here 
and here and here and here
and here and here and here. 
Those are just a few sites I just found.
There are thousands really.
Snowflakes really are amazing. 
And who can forget the amazing snowflakes
on the adorable movie Elf.
Last year Davis helped me make a tutorial
for some incredible 3D snowflakes.
You can go here to see that.
Last night I started to make some snowflakes.
Sheyla was done at two. 
This is only half of the window 
which is less than half the size of the window
I wanted snowflakes on.
I know I have to pick and choose what's important.
I know this isn't important in the scheme of things.
I just love the look and wanted to try it.
So I did.
Christmas isn't over yet.
So there is still time.