Monday, October 31, 2011

Have you seen this? It's been every where! The Zombie Song.

Sisters and Happy Halloween!

I took my youngest sister out to lunch 
and some vintage/antique shopping today.
She lives in North Carolina and I rarely get to see her.
She is out visiting my parents for about a week 
and I got to steal her for a few hours
(they had a dinner party for her yesterday,
almost everyone was there---
not everyone lives in Utah or nearby).
She is pretty, smart, funny and so much more
(and she reads my blog!).
I forgot to use my camera or my phone.
Darn it!
The top photo is my youngest sister and my dad from Saturday night.
They went as "smarty pants".
We didn't get to go but here are just a few pictures from that Halloween Party
 (that my brother and his cute wife had).
Little Miss Sunshine was there too!
As a cow.
How udderly cute!
One of my other amazing sisters took these other photos.
The last photo, Sunshine is looking at one of my darling nieces.

Hope your Halloween is fun and safe!

Friday, October 28, 2011

sweet circle garland.

I've seen garland almost every where.
I wanted to try and make it.
So, I did
(with a little help from daughter #1).
I will keep it up till after Thanksgiving.
A almost party every day.

Look at this bat adorableness here.
Would like to try my hand at making vintage suitcases cuter.
One of the best costumes ever.
Mushrooms can be super cute.
Wow. I love this house.
Absolutely LOVED this picture!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Mountain West Burrito.

Jeff frequently goes out to lunch.
He and some guys from work have frequented this Burrito place in Provo.
Friday we went and met Britni and Adam
(they live very, very close).
It was very, very yummy.
I had their grilled chicken salad.
Jeff had the carnita salad, 
Britni and Davis had the stake burrito and
Adam had the grilled vegetable burrito.
Fresh and tasty.
I've been thinking about it ever since.

I loved the sign too.
Clever and funny.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Finished Sun Room Transformed into One Year Old Party Perfection.

I got the lights up with the help of Jeff, Sheyla and Davis. I LOVE the ceiling.

I recovered the chairs too with about $15 worth of fabric. I even timed the last chair. I did it in 9 minutes. Even with getting up and getting more staples for my staple gun.

Daughter-in-law and her sister really could be party planners. They transformed this room into the cutest little party place complete with faux curtain panels. Pictures don't do it justice. I've never ever decorated like this or even a 1/4 like this. They love doing it and made the room up so sweetly (the blue ceiling and those groovy lights added the perfect touch...wink...wink).

They rearranged the furniture for just the right ambiance and space planning for the party (it's now all cleaned up and put back together).

Daughter-in-law's sister brought her blanket (from Ikea) to cover the futon. It added the perfect touch.

I took Rian to the store during the day and had so much fun. She makes this face to random people to try to get their attention and it works. She makes everyone smile.

She was so happy she was clapping! 16 adults and 4 little kids made for one fun party.

Britni made these cake pops. Yummy!

She had fun opening presents with a lot of redirection and help. Look how cute and happy momma and pappa are. Priceless.

That was a fun game!

Daughter-in-law made this adorable little cake for Rian.

She didn't want to eat the cake and had to be coaxed to even touch it.

I don't think she even tasted it but she managed to get her face just a little messy. Precious!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

Happy Birthday Sweet Little Rian!

This picture taken by the ever talented Britni.

I've been so lucky to have captured so much of it!
You truly have been our Little Miss Sunshine!

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Painted ceiling.

Little Miss Sunshine's birthday is tomorrow.
Cute daughter-in-law asked to have the party here in the sunroom.
The ceiling was dark green and didn't go with anything in the room.
I've never liked the ceiling since I last painted it
but especially after I changed the color scheme of things in the room.
The party is tomorrow night 
but I am almost done.
I LOVE the new color
(the light blue).
There will be new lights 
(I got two small dandelion lights from Ikea)
and maybe I'll change the fabric on the dining chairs
(maybe not before the party but Jeff did get me a new staple gun)
but every thing else will stay the same.
I'm not very smart doing this so soon before the party
but I was sick not that long ago
and I just can't have a dark green ceiling at that party!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Paper snowflakes and it isn't even Halloween yet.

Davis taught me how to make paper snowflakes.
I even have a how to here.
Davis helped.
I staple them together a little differently
and a whole lot better-ly.
I was asked to teach "how to make paper snowflakes"
this Saturday to some women in our area.
So I made three (actually four but I threw one away).

Monday, October 10, 2011

Hello Monday.

I am sounding much better.
I am close to feeling much better.

Hey, I was featured on someones blog!
Check it out here.
How much fun is that!