Monday, March 30, 2009

Elder Gibbs is coming home!

We found out yesterday that Chris is coming home today. Honorably released. He has worked so very hard to stay. It has been a very hard mission. We love you and we are so proud of you!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

It was a beautiful twilight and that has nothing to do with the book.

The first picture is looking across the end of my driveway. The second picture is looking down my street. The third picture is looking out my backyard, to the side. They all are amazing views. I am grateful to live here, every single day! It was a beautiful day yesterday and shows that Spring is trying to make up its mind! It's a beautiful world!

Saturday, March 28, 2009

Jeff gave me flowers!

I got flowers and it was sunny! A great day!

Thank you, Donny Osmond.

Britni wanted to meet us somewhere for Family Home Evening on Monday. We don't always have a lesson. She usually has her own Family Home Evenings with her ward group or however they arrange it. But we always do something as a family, even though our family now consist of just the three of us.
Jeff needed to walk somewhere for his health challenge at work so we decided to meet Britni at a mall close to where she lives. There is a small mall on our way to her apartment, but we decided to go to the mall closer to her. Luckily for her, we did.
First, I got something for Britni to eat at the food court. She misunderstood me that we were having dinner at home. But I am always happy to feed her if she needs to be fed.
Jeff was off to walk and Davis (good thing for cell phones) was with him until Davis went into Radio Shack and/or Game Stop. We met up with Davis at Game Stop, after we were done eating. We walked in and immediately, I saw Donny Osmond standing by the cashier, holding what I assume is his adorable granddaughter. I smiled and walked to Davis. I don't always bug famous people. I usually like to give them their privacy. Britni was walking around and Davis was checking things out. When I didn't see Donny (as if that's what I'd call him, if I knew him). I told Britni who I saw. Well, she had a fit! She was saying, "I LOVE Donny Osmond! I want to SEE Donny Osmond!" She was so excited! I just laughed. She called her dad on the cell phone, who was on his way toward us, after his 2nd or 3rd loop around the mall. He said HE had just seen Donny Osmond. So off we went to find him and we did, in the middle of the mall. He was cute with the aforementioned adorable granddaughter and family (a couple of grandchildren and handsome son). So we walked way past him and then Britni was excitedly talking about him so I got my courage up and we turned around and walked toward Donny (as if I knew him!). So we walk right next to him, Britni didn't want to bother him but I knew she would be so happy to get his picture (she brought her camera). So I boldly went and told Donny that Britni loved him and would he mind if we got a picture with him. So he gave his adorable granddaughter to his handsome son and graciously came and posed with Britni. She was so happy, but expressed her guilt for getting a picture with Donny Osmond.
He was enjoying a night of Family Home Evening with his family. So, I apologize that we bothered him on this sacred night. Although, it was the mall.

Friday, March 27, 2009

That's what Spring does.

Why yes, we live in an enchanted place. Why yes, it is Spring.

Thursday, March 26, 2009

It is snowing again today. It is still beautiful as I look out my windows. It will be green soon enough! I hope.

Winter lingered so long in the lap of Spring that it occasioned a great deal of talk.
by Bill Nye

I don't know if that is Bill Nye the Science guy, but I liked the quote!

I say:

Oh Spring, you tease me so!

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Having fun in Zion's.

Davis and Reid had fun together. It is great to see Davis so happy. We went to the gift shop at the Visitor Center and there were cool and creepy animal puppets. They are silly boys! It made me laugh.
Still love those kinetic sculptures!
A great thing about St. George and surrounding areas is that there are abundant signs of Spring! It was lovely in St. George. We're back home and to reality. Snow.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

We walked and talked.

We walked and talked as we discovered once again the edge of Zion's National Park. We didn't have tons of time and Davis wouldn't have tolerated much hiking. So, we had fun walking and talking with Davis and his cousin, Reid, who by the way is 6'5". Davis was recently measured and he is just over 6'1". Reid turns 16 in May and Davis turns 16 in September. Reid is a gentle giant. Davis is always excited to do anything with his cousin Reid.

Monday, March 23, 2009

From Grafton to the edge of Zion's

The old tractor was right next to the Grafton buildings, right over a fence. It made for a great view.
I was so excited to see pink blossoms on a few trees!
You don't see many one lane bridges anymore.
There is an artist, that has a shop right next to Zion's, who makes very cool kinetic sculptures. One of these days when money doesn't mean so much, I'd love to buy one of those and put it in our garden! Then, we'd be really cool!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Here's some more pictures!

Grafton Utah was originally settled in 1859. It is now a ghost town, but is was first in 1866 to 1868 that the people had to leave this hard-place-to-live town. A few people moved back in 1868 to try once again. It has been a ghost town since 1945. There are only a few restored buildings. The log home is just three rooms, with a sleeping loft. I tried to imagine living in those three small rooms. I imagine at the time, they were grateful for such a place. I would be forever distracted looking at the beauty of the place. They probably didn't have much time for such distraction. There is a tiny cemetery close by that has been lovingly restored, or it's been well kept all these years. It fascinates me how people have lived in the past. I don't think I could have done it. I love boneless, skinless chicken too much!

Trip to St. George, Utah

We left Friday morning to visit Jeff's parents in St. George. The last picture overlooks a part of St. George. It takes close to four hours by car, from where we live to get to his parents. On Saturday, we drove to a ghost town named Grafton, only about 30 minutes from his parents home. We had never been to Grafton. I had never even heard of it before! The surroundings are amazing! I took some great pictures and will post the rest during the week! It's an amazing world!

Friday, March 20, 2009

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Now, back to Earth.

I'm sure you've already noticed I wasn't good with hair, but because she is so cute and wore a hat, she pulled it off.

My kids turned out well despite the fact that I was their Mom. I make a lot of mistakes. Don't we all?

I read on someones old blog how competitive it was. Blogging.

I have been fascinated with many blogs. I have noticed how talented many people are, in and out of the blogging world and I'm not one of them. Although, I was good at starting IVs. But, that's not something you can post a picture about. I had a hard time starting IVs or getting blood from drug abusers. Not so good. I'm no longer working as a nurse. I'm trying to be a good mom and person. I don't always succeed. I'm not a good cook. I really don't even like to cook, much. I want to be an artist but I'm really not even a good crafter. I'm overweight and I used to be really cute. I'm thinking of loosing weight but that doesn't burn many calories! I am friendly and I can be nice. I do adore my family but of course not one of us is perfect. Luckily no one is! But I think I could be pretty much any one's friend, unless you're really, really mean. I don't think I've met many mean people.

So many talented, cute people that seem to be related to each other in some of the blogging world. It's fascinating!

I like to write but I've never been published and I can't remember many rules regarding punctuation or dangling participles. I've written in personal journals, personal letters and an occasional note to a teacher. That's it. I think I'm getting early Alzheimer's and can't always carry on an intelligent conversation. But, I like to have fun and make friends! I really do think I'm one of the most dorkiest people around. Most people are forgiving of such shortcomings.

I do live in an enchanted place in a pretty cool house but we have the original Formica counter tops in our kitchen and original vinyl floors in our upstairs bathrooms and original brown and blue industrial carpet in most of upstairs. Our hot water/heat boiler system breaks down frequently. I still love my different colored painted walls.

I won't always brag about my kids. I sometimes have a hard time handling difficulties of life. But I try to have a positive outlook and I have a myriad list of favorite things!

So, this is me. Take it or leave it.

Britni tried on wedding dresses yesterday and found the perfect dress for her! She looks absolutely stunning! Also, open letter to Adam.

Britni would not allow me to put a picture of her trying on wedding dresses on my blog. It makes me a little sad. I'll get over it. I was so close to begging but I didn't. So, I decided to put ONE of my favorite pictures on here. This is Britni, in Kindergarten! I just adore this picture! You can see how Britni is destined for something big! The minute Britni was born, I loved and adored her. I know Britni isn't perfect, I am her mother and have lived with her for 18 years. But I only say that because no one is perfect. She is pretty dang, close. She works hard on those few things that don't come so easily. That tenacity and inner drive is something fierce! Britni is also very gifted in many ways! How she can memorize a whole play in such a short time, I can never know or understand! She is also such a spiritual giant, an old soul. She is truly an amazing example!
Every play that she is in, I am in awe of her! That is only a part of her greatness!

Shakespeare wrote: "Be not afraid of greatness; some are born great, some achieve greatness, and others have greatness thrust upon them." She has it all! She really is that great!

Letter to Adam: Do you even know how lucky you are to marry Britni? I hope you will appreciate her and cherish her! She deserves to be adored and treated the very best way possible!
I admire some things about you already. I hope you live up to what Britni sees in you. Take care of my little girl who is now quite the young woman, she still has so much to do and be!

Lou Holtz wrote: "I can't believe that God put us on this earth to be ordinary."

You two can be extraordinary together!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

dog and cat

This picture was taken the other day, while I was working on my computer......They really, really, like me!

P.S. Britni is going to try on wedding dressess today! Yeah!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Redbox Mondays

Most of you know that you can receive a text on Mondays, from Redbox to get a one nights free movie. Sometimes, I will go by myself and get a movie. Sometimes, we have gone as a family to get a movie. Sometimes, we end up talking to people in line. I have found people in line for Redbox to be friendly and eager to strike up a conversation. We'll talk about what movie we want to see. What movies we have already seen. What are good and bad movies. It makes the time waiting in line to be enjoyable. I don't always get the free movie. But, yesterday I did. After I went grocery shopping, I got in back of a young mother who quickly told me she wasn't waiting. So, I smiled and went up to the screen. I wasn't sure what movie to see this time. Twilight, won't be out for a couple more weeks. I thought I'd pick Nights in Roadanthe because I haven't seen it yet and I could watch it without my husband, he can only tolerate certain kinds of chick flicks and this wasn't one of them. The free codes I get from my phone are tricky, like yesterdays was: 2GR4N8. Not something simple like "HOPSCOTCH or TOOLBELT". It is not quick for me to enter this magic code as I try to make the screen reappear on my phone. As I was entering my information, like e-mail and zip code. I noticed a large, old man right behind me. I smiled to him, because I'm friendly like that. He asked, "How do you get the video out?" I replied, "It's easy, I can show you". Well, he pointed to the video he wanted, and said, "I want to get that one, my wife heard from someone that it's really good. Can you help me?" I like to be friendly and helpful. So, I smiled and looked and said, "Ok, let's try to find it." So I showed him how to press the screen button to search for the video. We looked through all of the videos, twice. We just couldn't find the video "SexDrive". I didn't laugh or turn red. I only thought of being helpful and friendly to this fat, old man that wanted to find this video, for "his wife". I even wrote the code on a piece of paper for him, so he could get the video someplace else. He asked, "Where else can you find a redbox?" Well, I said, "McDonalds has them." He replied, "Who eats at McDonalds?" Then a woman pushing a cart full of groceries, quickly walked by and said, "Walmart, has them too"!
See, people really are friendly at Redbox!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Adoring plants and children...

This is only about half of the plants in my home. I previously said, that I adored my plants. I absolutely adore my husband and children! I do not adore my plants quite that much.
Near the end of Jeff's schooling for his Master's Degree, we had three very young kids, and had to move in with his parents. We had a couple of health scares for Sheyla and Britni and I wasn't able to work as much as I used too. So, Jeff's parents graciously let us live with them. We lived in their spacious basement and the kids were very happy. I learned many things from Jeff's mom, Marlene. I rekindled my love of animals, learned some things about plants by watching and by osmosis, and I learned about the type of grandma and mother-in-law I wanted to be.
Jeff's mom could take any plant and transform it. When my kids were very small, I couldn't have plants in my home because the dirt and planter would end up on the floor and the plant; sideways. As the children grew, I got a few plants that grew. When we moved to this house there were a few plants here that I transplanted into larger pots and they have taken off and grown! I got a few plants from Jeff's mom before they moved to St. George. They have done really well only because they had such a good start. A few more plants still found there way in. I have always liked plants, but it's the bringing them into the right place they like and giving them the right amount of water and care, and learning from my horticultural mistakes that is satisfying. I do enjoy having beautiful, living, green plants in the house that I love. But it's nothing compared to having those four living breathing, uniquely individual, talented, sometimes exhausting, always cherished children of mine in our home! They have taken their roots and are venturing out as they should, and I hope we have done enough so they can find their way to flourish and blossom, where ever they are planted!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

We are trying.

There are lots of things about really young kids that I miss. The daily cute things they say is one of them. There are lots of good things about having older kids too. I usually love all the activity and some of the drama that come everyday. We don't have that much activity and daily drama as we used to have. With three out of four kids out of the house, it can seem so quiet. With two kids on missions, I wish I had lots of great stories to tell. Right now, I just hope to get through a day without a call about one of my missionaries. They are both struggling and sometimes it can break my heart. Missions are much harder than I ever thought!
We have usually tried to have family prayer and scripture every night. Last night, Davis wasn't very cooperative with reading scriptures. So we read, just the two of us, with Davis on the couch, covering his face.
Jeff, said the family prayer. I can only imagine what Jeff was trying to say, "Please, help Chris to start to feel....." Well, what he actually said, was "Please, help Chris to fart......." I couldn't help but, giggle. It took a few moments for Jeff to get his composure and finish the prayer. It made me smile. We don't always need young kids to help us laugh.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Davis's room, for now.

This was Christopher's room before he left on his mission. Davis is using it till he comes back or till we fix Britni's room. We bought a new bed for me and Jeff, in October and we moved our old one to this room. This room used to be a canning kitchen, with a stove top in the near middle of the room. Since, I don't can and we needed the space, we got rid of the old stove top. There isn't a window, but we needed the extra room for our kids. Someday, I would love to get a window in there. It is dark in there. You could sleep in really late and not know what time it is. Except, when your mother comes and wakes you up. I got the big, calming picture at Ikea. The armoire I painted, we got it very early in our marriage. The chair is a classic from Ikea. I have an Eastern United States map so we can keep track of where the missionaries are. I also love how this room turned out. I think of Christopher everytime I'm in there and that makes me smile!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Britni's room.

We repainted Britni's room a year ago, January. We had a slight flood in the basement and was forced to get new tile floors, so it was the perfect time to repaint. Britni loves any shade of purple. Previously, she chose two fun and bright shades of purple, but it was too young for this grown up version of Britni. So, we painted again. She chose the bed comforter set from Target. The mirrored dressing table, I used as a teenager in my bedroom. I recovered the bench with material from Ikea, it turned out great! The shelves I got at Treasure's Antiques in Springville. I can't quite remember the price. It had to be a good deal because that's the way I shop. Britni is a collector of many things Disney Princess. Britni is so dramatic and fun that we got the Audrey Hepburn picture at Blockbuster videos! I loved how her room turned out! She has since moved out and took her cool, vintage cabinet with her that I got her one Christmas. She occasionally will come and stay the night, she loves her room more than I do. Those days will soon be gone because she is engaged to be married in July. She is growing up and moving on. This room always makes me smile. We plan on painting the room again, this time for Davis, but not till after the wedding. I can't keep a shrine for each of my kids forever.

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Sheyla's room.

Ok, my house is not from Better Homes and Gardens, I know that. I have a neighbor that is so talented with her home, it really does look like something from a magazine! But, I have had more fun with this home in the last 8+ years than any other home we've had. I've also painted every single room a different color! The desk I found at a "vintage store" in Springville, Treasure's Antiques (next door is Tasha's, which I love too) and purchased it, for $16! The wicker chair I got at the same place for $25! I thought it was a great deal! The pictures actually show two different beds. We now have the full bed in there, because we have moved things around with three of the four kids gone. I bought the bed frames and curtains at Ikea. I love Ikea (but beware, I bought a desk that didn't last long, but a lot of things are sturdy enough and/or very cool and I love them)! The bedspread Sheyla bought for herself from Target, before she moved out once, upon a time, to Cedar City. Sheyla loves Lord of the Rings (one of the framed pictures is Britni's). I got the rug for $25 at Home Depot. I actually painted the flower picture. I know that it's super simple and I copied it from something that I bought, after the frame broke and it ruined the original picture. But putting it all together, makes me happy!