Tuesday, June 30, 2009

American Fork Canyon/Panning for Gold. Part 2.

The boys were so intent on finding that gold but we were not lucky today.
There were hundreds of butterflies everywhere! How amazing is that! It really was magical!
Wouldn't it be great to find a big chunk of gold! Not likely, but still great!
Davis was so into panning that he didn't realize I was taking a picture but look how perfect it turned out!
I'm so lucky to be able to have such great adventures in the beautiful state of Utah!

American Fork Canyon/Panning for Gold.

We already have two gold panning pans. Today we stopped by Am/Pm keys--Spanish Trails Prospectors to get two small glass vials (to hold our gold, if we get any) and one small suction syringe for panning. We bought a Utah Gold Panning book from them last year. It said that American Fork Canyon has gold. Today we found very little. In fact, probably what they call gold flour. So tiny, its very hard to retrieve and so tiny, that one would have to stay for weeks to get enough to make it worth it.
Although, it really doesn't matter if we don't find any gold. Can you believe how beautiful it is up there!
Today was one of the most beautiful days! Although, even if it's cloudy or raining, it's beautiful!
So many wildflowers!
Can I express enough HOW BEAUTIFUL it is up in American Fork Canyon! Wow!

Monday, June 29, 2009

Family Home Evening/The Grotto Part 2

The waterfall was so invigorating and fun! Lots of people were hiking along the trail and enjoying the Grotto.
The grotto was so beautiful! I find it amazing something like this exists so close to our house! It only took about 25 minutes or less to drive to the pull off to park for the hike (whatever it is called where there is a large area for many cars to park). It was a very easy hike for Chris, Jeff and Davis. I was breathing quite hard but not having a heart attack, so that's always good.
We finally talked Chris in going under the water fall. He did go under the fall during the weekend but didn't want to get wet tonight but changed his mind.
So we decided we would all walk THROUGH the waterfall. Chris and Davis were so quick and brave--they blasted through.
So, after gathering some bravery, I plowed through and right after the water fall the water came up to my upper thighs before walking out. Boy, was I wet and cold but so HAPPY that I did it! Jeff came with us but didn't want to get wet. I don't know if he was smart or chicken. I couldn't pass it up. I LOVE waterfalls! I recommend ANYONE to make the trip (especially if you live within an hour or so of Payson Canyon. It's FREE and AMAZING!

Family Home Evening/The Grotto

I have heard of the Grotto for many years. I've wanted to go but I haven't, not till this evening. Chris took a girl this weekend and it sounded so great. I really, really wanted to go. So we decided to go as we were talking at dinner.
Some of the things we saw on the ride up to the Grotto: someone not stopping for a police truck--followed by an ambulance, a chubby toddler shaking and almost bringing down a young sapling tree, two chickens on a corner yard of a house in a subdivision, tons of beautiful trees, a rumbling full stream, and red and purple wildflowers.
We hiked only about 15 minutes, up a well marked trail with long halved logs crisscrossing the stream along the way.
Then, we saw a beautiful waterfall in the mountains of Payson Canyon!
It looked so tempting that Davis and I walked up to the side of it and decided to get mostly wet. It took my breath away!
It was so AWESOME!

Lunch with the kids.

There won't be too many times like this left. I went with Chris to get his birth certificate and apply for a replacement social security card. We met Britni at Noodles & Co. Like I said I like that place!
Silly but cute kids. They are growing up!
Finally! We went to Red Mango for delicious frozen yogurt after we walked around Best Buy (I got Confessions of a Shopaholic--cute movie! Jeff even liked it).
Eleven more days! Yikes!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Bridal picture day.

We went to Memory Grove Park.
Britni chose this photographer, Lindsey Fronk. She is fabulous but these pictures are mine. She is the same one that did their engagements.
The park is gorgeous. Britni is gorgeous.
I want to go back to this park and have fun and explore. What a beautiful day!
We then went to Sugarhouse to a yoga place that had these fun paintings on the wall.
I can't wait to see how the pictures turned out.

Friday, June 26, 2009

Fourteen days and counting...

Yesterday, I went and paid for the flowers for the wedding. Cute shop.

Today, I met Jeff at his work. We met with someone regarding life insurance (we don't have enough). Then we went to lunch at The Jerk Shack. It serves Jamaican food. Davis (who stayed home again from summer school) had Shrimp (which he loves) and rice with beans. I had a chicken salad. It was ok. Jeff has eaten there with guys from work. I don't often get to eat lunch with him, so that was a nice treat! Boy, I love that guy.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Letter Day!

Today is Sheyla's 1 year anniversary!
Today, she wrote one of the best letters yet!
She said that she CAN and WILL make it to the end of her mission. Comforting words to this missionary mother.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Randomness of Wednesday.

Sunny LOVES her new mirror.
Davis LOVES Rubik's cube and I just gave him one yesterday (I bought it about a month ago).
He has wanted to see Transformers in such a bad way. He went to school today so we could see that movie. It is one of the most stupid movies of all time, behind Land of the Lost (which IS THE most stupid and crude movie ever). Do not ever see Land of the Lost (friends don't let friends see stupid movies). I don't recommend Transformers but Davis liked it because of all the robots and cars. It is so stupid that I had to stop myself frequently from laughing out loud hysterically and rolling in the isle of the theater. It IS THAT stupid!
Addie is still cute if not obnoxious.
Ellie, the queen Sheba of a cat.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

How does your garden grow?

It has rained so much for more than a week that today was the first day I watered the garden for more than a week. I pulled some weeds and noticed some green peppers growing. It may be a very narrow garden but at least, it is growing.
We have a bunch of grape vines that have been here since before we moved here. They are beautiful and are growing over my father's old wooden ladder.
This is a wild bunch of some kind of tiny rose. It is the most beautiful and biggest it's ever been.
Today, Davis is home sick (he has summer school this week) and Chris is working somewhere that is a few hours away this week, doing construction (he is staying in a hotel with some of the other workers). So, today was different and I did most things inside. I vacuumed upstairs, did a bunch of laundry, picked up and even cheated and cleaned in Chris's room (I don't think he realizes how messy he is and he had about 7 dirty towels on the floor of his room---we only have so many towels--and it was such a mess that I decided to clean some of his room up---even though I am trying to let him do his own laundry and clean his own stuff--he is 20--he is capable of much but since he is away I can't stand the mess so I caved and cleaned his stuff anyway). I made pasta and steamed some shrimp for Davis for lunch (I don't like sea food and Davis LOVES it and occasionally I'll get some for him because he loves it so).
I went outside to take pictures because I have been inside for too long today. I'm glad we have such large picture windows so I can enjoy outside even when I'm forced to stay inside. I'm glad that I can be here when Davis is sick and take care of him. I'm glad that we have a new vacuum cleaner and that it works so well and the floor can get so clean. I'm glad that last year we found a swamp cooler that works so well for our upstairs and it's so comfortably cool in the house. I'm glad that Jeff will be home soon and we can do whatever we want or just stay home and relax. I'm glad I'm almost done with making Chicken Broccoli Casserole.
I love Summer and these pictures capture some of the reasons why.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Monday, Monday.

I got some cute shoes on Saturday.
We met Britni at the mall to get a few things for the wedding. I don't know why I forget to take my camera. We bought these ties for the groomsmen/best man/fathers. We got Britni a very pretty tiara/headband that is beautiful! She is going to look like a princess! Friday is her Bridal Shower. Saturday she is getting her Bridal pictures taken. Saturday night we are taking the in-laws to dinner to meet them for the first time. I'll try to be on my best behavior.
The wedding is in less than three weeks!

Happy Father's Day!

My Dad is a great man.
I couldn't ask for a better father for my children. I'm a lucky girl.

Friday, June 19, 2009

Happy Friday!

We met Britni at 8:45 this morning to order her wedding cake. Three more weeks till she gets married! Yikes!
Davis and I went to BYU to buy Jeff Father's Day presents. He LOVES BYU (he did attend and graduate from BYU)! If money were no object, I'd buy him a Harley Davidson motorcycle. But money does matter, so I bought him a BYU frame for his scooter license plate, two BYU keyrings, a BYU cup, a BYU notebook, a BYU pair of socks, and a BYU tee shirt. I got a free BYU gift bag to put everything in!
Davis and I went bowling at BYU.
We went to DI (a second hand thrift store). I found this darling little dresser for $15!
Then we came home and I painted the cute little dresser!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Cute, adorable, and silly cat.

Davis doesn't always make his bed. His blanket was in a wadded ball on his bed and it was there I saw the cat so cozy and cute, tucked in perfectly, with just her head and paws sticking out. Adorable!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Silly hats, puppets and kids.

Yesterday Davis had an appointment in Orem in the afternoon but we decided to make a day of doing some fun things together.
Chris came with us. We went to Deseret Industries (a second hand store) to look around (I bought four craft books for $1 each). Then we went to Funfinity (a fun toy store). Chris tried on some silly hats and we played with cute puppets (Davis didn't want to try on the hats).
We went to the pet store and bought Sunny a new mirror and toy (his old mirror broke and he was missing it).
We went to lunch at Pier 49 and got salad and a slice of Pizza. Well, Chris got three slices, Davis got two slices and I got one slice of BBQ Chicken Pizza (yummy).
We dropped Chris off at the mall before Davis's appointment (he had a friend pick him up). We can't expect Chris to want to spend all day with us. But it was fun while it lasted!