Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Handmade gift exchange.

I am participating in two handmade gift exchanges
(stateside and international)
sponsored by 
I bought gift boxes this
morning and hope to 
get them mailed off today.
One is off to Switzerland
(sounds exotic even
just saying it)
and one off to 
the rugged terrain 
of Wyoming.
I've e-mailed
back and forth
a few times to each girl
and they seem as cute and as nice as can be.
What fun!

Snowflakes everywhere and not a drop to drink (is that how it goes?)

Now THAT storm was more like it!
What am I saying?
I really don't like snow.
It's beautiful.
Some people have fun in it.
It provides moisture
for the parched land
and all.
But living in it is 
something different entirely!
It was 5 degrees when I 
took Davis to school 
this morning.
It inched up to 6
then 7
and by the time
I was heading home
it was
a balmy 

Monday, November 29, 2010

Oranges and cloves.

I have been thinking about oranges and cloves.
I got excited to poke those cloves
into those oranges
and then I went to the store
and found out how much cloves cost.
$2.99 for a small little bottle.
$12.99 for a larger little bottle.
Way too expensive!

 I got 2 small little bottles
and bought three oranges.
Purely an experiment.
It smelled wonderful.
I don't know how it will dry 
or how long they will last.
I just wanted to try it.
I did.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. 
It turns what we have into enough, and more.
It turns denial into acceptance, 
chaos to order, 
confusion to clarity. 
It can turn a meal into a feast,
a house into a home,
a stranger into a friend.
Gratitude makes sense of our past,
brings peace for today 
and creates a vision for tomorrow.
~Melody Beattie

What we're really talking about
is a wonderful day set aside on the 
fourth  Thursday of November 
when no one diets.
I mean, why else would they call it
~Erma Bombeck

after all,
is a word of action.
~WJ Cameron

I couldn't resist this one
(even though it doesn't have to do 
with Thanksgiving):

You could be smart and happy
or stupid and miserable....
it's your choice.
~Pres, Gordon B Hinckley

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

I just love this.

I know I've had one of these videos on here
before but I can't figure out how I did it before.
So just go to the link.
This cracks me up!

Not quite the snow storm of the century...

It was supposed to be the Blizzard of 2010.
We've seen better.
Or is it worse?

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Room-mate drama.

What is that?
Well remember the room-mate situation?
We went up to Salt Lake yesterday
for a doctors appointment for Davis.
We went to Sheyla's apartment
to pick up a dresser
and some other things 
we left behind.
This is her bed
(we are still paying rent).
The thing on the left is a dirty foam pad
and there are clothes and other stuff
on the bed
that do not belong to Sheyla.
We thought that black thing hanging off
the side rail was a dirty pair of underwear.
It is a dirty flimsy bra.
The room-mate had a bunch of stuff on
Sheyla's dresser too.
We took our microwave,
dishes, cups, silverware,
broom,  curtains, and bathroom rug.
We could have taken the shower curtain 
and garbage cans.
We didn't want them
but I felt like taking them 
and throwing them away.
But we didn't.

It's not over yet.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunset, being grateful and occasionally; lucky.

The sunset was so beautiful
that when I walked outside,
I gasped loudly.
I had my camera around my neck 
because I was just taking pictures
of the incredible moon
out our back porch.

I think it's time to list some things I am grateful for.
Not only is it Thanksgiving this week:
I am in need of an attitude of gratitude
(or something)
because sometimes I just seem
to want to be
something else.
And it's not pretty. 
  • I am obviously grateful for my family and I am especially grateful for that cute little bundle of joy occasionally called "Little Miss Sunshine" because she is that and more (you thought I was going to say she is all that and a bag of chips....that would have been too silly)!
  • I am grateful that I get to stay home and take care of my family (I have worked at times with children so I do know how lucky and fortunate I am to stay home) which also allows me to play, create, rest, read, or play some more. Lucky.
  • I am grateful for something amazing to look forward to. Tropical and warm. Lucky.
  • I am grateful for children who work hard for a goal. Even when it's very hard to get there.
  • I am grateful for a husband who works hard at his job, who works hard at his responsibilities and who is usually very patient with me. I am trying not to press my luck, however.
  • I am grateful for a warm and cozy home with great magnificent views. Once again. Lucky. Even with the occasional malfunction.
  • I am grateful for loving animals (but not all the hair they leave all over the place). I am grateful they make us smile and laugh and sometimes lower a heart beat or two.
  • I am grateful for a brand new bed frame (from Ikea) that makes it so there isn't a long lump down the middle of my bed (long story).
  • I could go on and on....I told you. Lucky!

Auntie Sheyla and little baby girl.

Sheyla was sick for so long that this was the first time she
was able to hold her little niece.
It looks like they were both captivated.

Cool Moon.

Just practicing taking pictures.

Here's some more.

Live Long and Prosper!

I reached my 1GB photo storing limit for Google.
I didn't realize there was a limit. 
It probably was in the small print.
Luckily it's only $5 a year.
Yes. A year.
To store 20 GB.
I wonder how long that will take?

I told you the rest of the pictures were adorable!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


I was just notified that I don't have any more space for photos.
I thought the whole blog thing was free forever.
I have to to some investigation before I continue.
I had some more really cute pictures.

4 weeks old!

Monday, November 15, 2010

Over the river and through the woods.....OR......and the puppies shall lie down near the infant.

First time Rian came to Grandma's (and Grandpa's) house!

First time that the puppies meet Rian.

Frodo loves everyone and he LOVES Rian and her Mama.

Frodo was captivated by this little one.

I think Rian knows sign language already.

Frodo hanging with the baby.

Frodo and Addie LOVES the baby.

They just can't get enough.  Neither can I!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Yesterday it was snowing.
I often try to catch snowflakes in my hands
to see if I can actually see any snowflakes.
Yesterday it looked like light hail 
but when I looked at the snowflakes
I don't know about you
but I rarely see an actual snowflake design.
It was so exciting
that my heart did somersaults!


I know,
my hands are dry
and I have something
Dupuytren's Disease.
it doesn't always require surgery.
Only if it causes my finger
to draw up and it doesn't extend
The doctor said there's no guessing.
It could just stay like this
and not need anything!
Just thought you should know
in case you saw the cord
and small pit from my ring finger.

On my index finger there is a snowflake!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010