Friday, December 30, 2011

What FUN except for the trying-to-sleep-in-an-airport-because-we-missed-the-flight-because-of-a-late-shuttle-to-the-terminal-annex-(five other people also missed that flight)-and-the-replacement-flight-was-cancelled-and-the-new-flight-leaving-in-less-than-six-hours thing .

 She loves Minnie Mouse.
 Beautiful day.
 So sweet.
 She loved the water
(and I do mean LOVE---she cried and cried when we had to leave)
even though it was cold.
 Such great weather!
 All but two of us went on a nearly hour long bike ride along the beach
(so so so much fun)!
What fun to ride a bike on flat ground
(I could do that every day)!
 I just thought this was cute.
 We went to Hollywood but for such a short time
(we left earlier than we planned).
Other than seeing "this"
it just was not worth it.
It was scary and we felt almost violated.
So weird.
We were happy to get out of there safe and sound.
 Even though Disney and California Adventures 
was super super duper duper crowded, 
we had so much fun!

Loved the trip
(even though a three night/three day trip
turned into a four night trip
with that last night being a near nightmare
I think we will all remember it fondly
with shared fun, laughter and just a little misery).
I LOVE my family!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

All I got for Christmas...

 Well, not all but that's how the saying goes. I got a new 50 mm lens!
 Good thing my homegrown photography teacher (Britni) was here to help me.
 That's better!

Having fun practicing!

Christmas morning.

 It's good to see her smile.

 Rian loved her little baby doll.

I didn't take tons of pictures.
I was busy enjoying the morning
(which started at 7:30 because son-in-law worked 
last night till 7:00 am and works again tonight).
We had a big breakfast 
  and already went to church.
Half of us are sleeping right now.