Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sweet video. A good reminder for patience.

Check out this sweet video. A touching story of an old father, son and a sparrow.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

FHE and animal instinct.

Last night for Family Home Evening. Jeff, Davis and I went to Mongolian BBQ Grill in Springville. Yum! We strolled the aisles and shopped at Walmart. Then we got me some yummy frozen yogurt at a new self serve place in Spanish Fork. No one else wanted any. Not the best FHE but it worked for us !
I know it's not good to test animal instincts. Sunny sometimes will fly around upstairs. She landed on the back of the window seat. The cat was close by and jumped up to see her even closer. This isn't the first time that Ellie, the cat has been this close to Sunny, the bird.
Ellie has brought us birds, in her mouth, alive (one was already dead---because the bird had flown into a window) and dropped them into our hands. She has brought us birds from outside too. We think she knows we have birds as pets and doesn't hurt them. She's fascinated by them and loves to watch them. She just doesn't eat them.

More pictures from my walk and a real and sad conversation overheard.

There is a new layout here and I am trying to figure it out. What happened to spell checking?

Conversation overheard at R.S. Womens Conference:
There was a half a row of young adult girls sitting behind me. Apparently two, who were sitting several girls apart, hadn't seen each other for a long while and had this conversation. True story.
Cute girl #1: I have been so busy. I'm going to school and I work. I'm, like, really busy.
Girl #2:  I just hang out at my parents house all day long. Giggling.  I don't do anything all day long.
Cute girl #1: Silence.

I feel sorry for girl #2 AND her parents.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Walking 4 miles.

I went for a four mile walk today. I had my cell phone and took some pictures. It was one of the loveliest days.
I took my i-pod and had fun listening to music.
I listened to John Mayer. I am loving "The heart of Life"..."I know the heart of life is good....."
I listened to Colbie Cailat. I am loving me some "Bubbly"....the song, silly....."It starts in my toes and I crinkle my nose where ever it goes I always know that you make me smile please stay for a while now just take your time where ever you go"
I listened to Billy Joel. I am loving "It's all about soul"....It's all about faith and a deeper devotion. It's all about soul....."
Na na na na na na na na
Yes, it is.

Sunday dinner.

We had crock pot chicken. Yummy!
These two love birds were there.
These two newlyweds were there.
My Dad and one of my nieces came too.
Jeff looking like he's contemplative but really, he is just trying to be silly.
Davis is happy that there is a full house.
This young man is crazy about Sheyla, who, by the way, comes home in 64 days. He can't wait either.
Just being silly. Really. No gang relations in our household. Just silly kids.
This is their pose for an album cover.
It is fun to have so many over for dinner. It doesn't happen every week. We were just lucky this time.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Just another day.

Each day brings more colors.
Each day I notice something new.
These two follow me around the yard but are easily distracted.
It won't be long till frost and snow come and there won't be as many colors around. I want to soak it all in before it's gone.
Life moves pretty fast. If you don't stop to look around once in a while you could miss it.--Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Letter Day and roasted tomatoes.

We had a bunch of tomatoes from our garden. They have been very yummy! BLT's for two days! Dinner then lunch. Yum.
I looked on-line to see how to roast tomatoes. Then, I did.
They shriveled up and are intensely flavored. I put some in freezer bags and will have to try some new recipes.
I did get a letter from Sheyla. She has been sick but other than that, she sounds great. No picture today. She is going to sing AND play the piano on Saturday. I would love to be there for that! She has a lovely voice and plays very well. Boy, do I miss that girl!
68 more days and counting!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The sky was the best thing.

Saturday we went to the BYU game. There were SO MANY people there for the kickoff! The stadium was abuzz with excitement. The sky was so blue with just enough clouds.
BTW: I DID buy a new usb cable from Radio Shack. I even put 2 labels with our name (Mr. and Mrs. labels from wedding invitations) on it. It is mine. It is mine.
It's silly that someone made a sign "win it for Swayze".
I watched Dirty Dancing on Sunday night. He WAS dreamy. I remember that my oldest sister was CRAZY about him and I think that was when she was first married too. It always made me smile.
BYU was playing terribly. Jeff had been so excited to attend the whole game. He wanted to leave early.
The sky was SO beautiful on the walk to the parking lot at the beginning of the fourth quarter. It really took my breath away.
BYU lost terribly 54-28.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Baby elephant at Hogle Zoo.

I hope this video works because I am in LOVE with this baby elephant!
I HAVE to go to the zoo! SOON!

Charlotte's Web and there's always something else.

I am still working on this wall. I'm getting much closer to getting done. This is venetian plaster from Home Depot. It is a great product and I love the way it looks after it is done. It is hard work. But since I have no usb cable, yet, I can't show my progress.
We saw Charlotte's Web last night. It is a darling, adorable and sweet play. There are puppets and puppeteers. There are three narrators. Britni being one of them. Of course, she is the highlight of the play even though she doesn't have the biggest part. I LOVED seeing her lit up on stage.
The play is so good that Davis watched the WHOLE play. He has a hard time staying for any play. He often will walk outside after the intermission. He seemed mesmerized because he stayed and only covered his face when Britni was on stage. I just think he was a little embarrassed to see her.
I have always liked the book and cartoon movie of Charlotte's Web and this play did not disappoint. Britni asked me if I cried at the end. No I did not. Although, it was very sweet and touching. I did however, almost cry to see Britni after the play because it hit me how much I missed her. I hugged her at least three times!

Monday, September 21, 2009

He makes me smile, everyday.

I still don't have my usb cable for my camera to upload pictures from my camera. I may never get it back. I may have to buy a new one. But should I? Should I have to? But will the real question.
Saturday we went to the BYU game. It was torture! Jeff even wanted to leave early. Britni's cute husband met us, watched and was horrified with us.
A true and unrelated story: A tiny bird flew into our window. The cat got it and brought it inside (we think she tries to return birds to our house because we have two, as pets). But the bird lost a lot of tail feathers and can't fly away. It jumped on the little table outside but fell on the ground and could only hop around. It was not bleeding and is still alive. We put it in one of our old cages and hope it will heal and then we can let it fly free. But it looks sad and scared. I don't know if it will survive.
Jeff makes me smile, everyday.
I WOULD rather be in Kauai.
It was a dream come true!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Charlotte's Web.

Britni is one of three narrators in UVU's production of Charlotte's Web. I don't know what that means. We have tickets for Monday night. I am so excited to see it!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Letter Day!

She is still doing terrific! I am going to start a count down on my calendar. I won't tell her, only I will know!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One of those days.

I didn't have my usb cable today. Someone lent it out without telling me.
I have a very bad headache.
It's one of those days.
I'd rather be in Kauai.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Another engangment.

These two cute kids got engaged last night. Yikes! I wish them all the happiness in the world AND from the heavens!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Cool doorways.

A couple of years ago Jeff and I went to Florida. I borrowed my sons digital camera (our families first ever).
The other day I was thinking about our trip. I LOVED it! I also thought of these doorways.
I loved the blue on the house and the brick paved courtyard.
I also loved this combination. I haven't paid as much attention to doorways recently. I think I should.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Owners found and things that make me happy.

I found the owners of "Kitty" after calling many of my neighbors. They have several little girls and they were super happy to have him back. Even though he was very sweet and loving, I cannot imagine how we could handle one more animal!

Here is a list of things that make me happy:
The beauty of where I live.
Even though the leaves are changing (and it IS very beautiful when they do), it won't snow for another month (it is the NO snow and the beauty of the fall, that makes me happy).
A husband that adores me even if I get ornery (at least I feel that he still adores me, I could be very wrong about the even if...part).
Knowing that my newly married daughter is blissfully happy.
Getting a great letter from my missionary daughter who has struggled for a long time.
Sitting on the same couch as my young son and talking about the randomness of a magazine.
Thinking about my husband coming home from work.
My older son doing his own laundry and putting his own things away (this doesn't happen often enough but it makes me very happy when it does).
Being able to make changes in my own house; like painting a wall or getting a new quilt.
Learning something new. Although, it makes me happy if I can remember things, like someones name, or where I put the car or the keys!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Letter Day!

Sheyla sound so good! That makes me so very happy!
Less than 3 months left till she comes home! Yippee!