Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Going to be a Grandma, Again!

These two sweet love birds
are ecstatic that they are 15 weeks pregnant!
A modern day miracle!
When Adam was only 19,
and only shortly after entering the MTC
to go on a mission,
was found to have a rare and nasty auto-immune disease
for which he had to go on chemo-therapy,
which thankfully saved his life.
He was later able to go on a two year mission
and even later meet my lovely daughter
and marry her!
They always knew that they may never 
be able to get pregnant.
Almost three years of waiting, she got pregnant.
But heart-breakingly, miscarried, early.
A few months after that,
they found she was pregrant again.
After a couple of months,
during an ultrasound,
they were heart broken again,
to find the baby didn't have a heartbeat.
So, it is with trepidation and anxiety
that they announce this pregnancy.
With great news from the doctor
and a strong and fast heart beat
from the baby,
they look forward to the birth of their
much wanted and much loved,
 little bundle of joy.
And so do I!

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Painted Chairs, Part 2

I love that first picture.
It was a couple of years ago
and I had just finished spray painting those chairs.
It was in the morning on a beautiful Spring day
the sun was shining just so.
I LOVED how it all turned out.
Well, wood chairs weather.
Over the last two years they were falling apart.
I didn't want to spend any money
other than buying spray paint.
So I used what I had,
I spray painted with new colors
and moved things around.
So today, on a beautiful fall day,
after deer have eaten the flowers off my purple pansies
and the hot, dry summer sun has dried up so much of our garden,
I took these last three pictures.
It'll do.

Monday, September 24, 2012

The fragile heart of a little shaggy dog and the little girl that holds the key.

Little Miss Sunshine spent some time with us this weekend.
She brings joy wherever she goes.
That little shaggy dog LOVES that little girl.
He follows her every where she goes.
She had to go back yesterday.
Last night Frodo waited by the door for hours.
I just know he was waiting for his Little Miss Sunshine.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It is time for another list of things I am grateful for
(not all inclusive and not all in order of importance).
A frequent and needed reminder 
to count my many blessings:

Colors of Autumn.
A dear, patient, hard-working and loving man of a husband.
My children and for all the times they pick themselves up
and try to do and be just a little better
(the courage I see in each one of them humbles me).
Memories of tropical paradise get-a-ways.
The smile and laughter of Little Miss Sunshine
and hearing her say "salsa" about 30 times!
The perfect ice to crunch.
The view outside our big back windows.
Those mostly adorable and part-time pesky
 little animals that make me smile
(who also adore Little Miss Sunshine).
 The sweet and tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father.
The feeling after getting a job completed
(I was going to say
the smell of wet paint.
But it's not like I like smelling paint
but it's the feeling of finishing painting
and having something completed
and that's accompanied by the smell of wet paint).
Grocery stores.
Pink little chairs.
Kind neighbors.
A good magazine.
A warm sunny day.
Watching a white moth
(thinking it's a butterfly)
flit around the garden.
The sound of birds singing.
A kind word.

Friday, September 14, 2012

Other photos from my phone. Lately.

Here's some more things I loved:
Beautiful here and here and here too.
when Google Street Views takes a picture.
Something about the way those kitchen counters
are staged, makes me swoon.
Wow. Look at these quilts!
So far, the only way I look at Pinterest.
Tintype. Wow.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Musical furniture.

I moved 4 pieces of furniture
(with some help) 
and 2 rugs.
All because I was worried about our coffee table
(that I love)
and Little Miss Sunshine
(whom I love more)!
She already has fallen on it
and gotten a huge bruise on her forehead.
It had a hard wood top
with very hard metal legs in a rectangle.
The jute rug that I had underneath it
(that I love)
is thick and full of texture.
So much so that Little Miss Sunshine
(again, whom I love so much more)
would frequently trip on it!
I've been worrying about it all.
Thinking about the gash and stitches 
that were sure to come!
 I decided I would change things around
and so I did.
I knew I couldn't buy anything new
so I used what I had.
I know that old white chest
is too tall for a coffee table 
but for now it will do
and it's just a little funky
(which I love).
The rug is thin but has cute animal silhouettes
and she is less likely to trip on it
 (it was downstairs in our tv room)!
I also moved a bunch of things outside too,
just for fun!

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Happy Birthday!

His Birthday was actually on Sunday.
We celebrated on Saturday by going to a trampoline place
with his cousin, one sister and her husband
and me!
We had lots of fun and this time I jumped too
and got stuck in the foam pit.
We had a family dinner (on Sunday) with most everyone
and nearby grandparents and my cute youngest sister!
He LOVED every minute of it!
We LOVE you!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Remembering 9/11 (revisited from last year)

Remembering 9/11

We went to Sandy (near Salt Lake City) yesterday to see the new statues
depicting a moment after the twin towers collapsed.
It's called The Hope Rising--To Lift A Nation.
There is also a memorial called The Healing Field
that has a flag for everyone that lost their lives that day.
Every flag has a little card that has the name 
and something about that person.
It's very touching and powerful.
President Thomas S. Monson wrote for The Washington Post 
"On Faith" Blog, 
along with many other leaders of the world.

Friday, September 7, 2012

First Day of Work!

 Davis was so excited that he was ready to go 
more than an hour before work!
He did great!
He didn't even call once!
 I went for a walk nearby.
All. By. Myself!
 There is a walking trail that a husband made for his wife
and they let anyone come and walk on the trail!

It was better than a calgon bath!