Thursday, January 6, 2011

Lazy day.

I came home from doing errands 
and this is what I found.
all this and my daughter that was sleeping too
(the dark brownish lump 
top, middle-ish thing
is the cat).
Frodo sleeps like this.
Silly and very cute dog.

By the way.
About 2 months ago we bought a new bed frame.
Yes. From Ikea.
Long story.
But it has to do with a new mattress
from over a year ago
(we had the same mattress for 17 years
and thought it was time for a new one)
and a lump down the middle of the bed.
Last week I got a new bed set from Target
(yes, I had a new one last year).
All longer stories 
and all so cute
but I'm not ready to 
take full pictures yet.
I really want to paint
the walls a dark teal
and paint the screen
something real cute
(not quite sure how, yet)
and get curtains
which I haven't had for this bedroom
and we just got a new rocking chair
(so I can rock that sweet little baby).
I may be waiting to take pictures of all that
until I start and finish painting
( hopefully it doesn't take me 6 months)
but I have
some big things that I'm working on
or other big things that are coming up
(let alone life happening).
1. I'm working on RN ceu's
to renew my license by the 21st.
2. I am in charge of a DUP
(Daughter's of the Utah Pioneer's)
luncheon next week
(why did I agree to that).
3. We are going on our trip soon
(anniversary and all).
4. Recovering from the holidays.
etc. etc. etc.

Paint my room in February.

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