Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Overwhelmed and hanging on...

There is still a lot of this around
and I am not very happy with it
as a near constant companion.
It is outside
but I long for adventures outside 
without the snow.

Thank goodness for these two companions.
They make me smile.
Davis made this "high banker" at school
(a high banker is sometimes used in gold panning).
He has been so excited to finish it and bring it home
(he's called both sets of grandparents multiple times
to talk and talk about the high banker).
He is taking a welding class in school.
Davis is made up of many good things.
One of those things is that he is relentless
(sometimes this relentlessness can be taxing to this not always patient mother).
He had to take a break from welding for a while this year
(teachers rule and understandable).
But he persevered and was able to retake the class.
He has severe anxiety at times in his life.
He sometimes has anxiety in welding
but lives through it and goes on anyway
because he wants to so badly.

Davis was born with very flat feet.
We have gone to doctors 
and tried generic orthotics
and very expensive custom orthotics.
Recently he has been having worsening pain in his feet.
We went to a doctor again.
X-rays and a boot.
MRI yesterday.
We will find out soon if worsening pain
may mean 
immediate surgery
or if we can once again
postpone surgery.
This kid is such an example to me.
I'm honored to be his mother.

It may be cold outside 
but it is still beautiful!

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Kim K. said...

Thinking of you and praying that spring is right around the corner!!