Monday, April 16, 2012

Look what I got!

Look what I got on Saturday
for just $58!
No, I don't cut hair.
I am working on my craft room.
Although, I have decided to call it my Artist Studio.
Sounds pretty snazzy doesn't it!
I am under no delusion of any artistic ability
but I really love the ring of Artist Studio
and isn't there something 
about putting out there 
what you really want.
So, this is me. 
Putting it out there.
I just thought this would be a fun, cute and comfy chair 
for someone to hang out with me while I 
work on my many different artistic projects.
LOVE it!


Kim K. said...

My girls would TOTALLY love hanging out with me in my special room if I had that chair. Very fun.

Anonymous said...

what a find! :)

love, ris

Cheryl G. said...

Thank you both!
Yes! It is a great find!