Friday, June 14, 2013

Life is What Happens When You Make Other Plans...

I spy...

Back at the mountain home:
White may not be the best color of choice
for a couch in a house full of pets
(I do love the shape).
I am loving the quilt I dyed.
Things are starting to get into place
with needed help.
Just in time for next week.
I am having a hysterectomy.
Doesn't that sound like fun?
Yesterday I had a colonoscopy
in preparation for the big day
(no problems, thank you very much)!
My Dear Husband and Bearded Prospector Son
were in the room waiting for me to wake up after the procedure.
My Dear Husband Farted.
He blamed it on me.
My Dear Son spoke up
and said,
"No, it was you Dad.
I'll stand up and yell 
at the top of my voice 
and say,
My Dad farted and NOT my Mom!"
It's nice to know he has my back.

I haven't laughed so hard in a long time!
Here is a great video about great Fathers.
I've been lucky to have a great Father,
lucky that the Father of my children is so great
and lucky the Fathers of my grandchildren are so great too
(however, they make me think
 of one of my most favorite quotes--
which happens to be from Harry Potter--
It is our Choices that show
what we truly are, 
far more than our Abilities.).
I LOVE Emile Sande's album.
Have you heard it?
Dear Bearded Prospector Son loves this song.
Just a lot of fun house stalking
 And some more here.

Here's to having more music, more laughter,
more love, and more greatness in life!

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Musings from Kim K. said...

I'm glad you could find some humor yesterday despite that fun procedure. My sister is having the same surgery the end of July. Prayers for a speedy recovery. Take very good care of yourself during your recovery. No picking up little Miss Sunshine!!