Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Change. Again.


I was thinking that this table was way too shiny and white.
Other than buying a new table or painting again
I was thinking about what I could do to make it better.
For free.
I still love this table.
16 years of memories and use
(not quite ready to splurge for a new one).
I had thoughts of sandpaper swirling about my head.
Friday was a beautiful day.
Warm and sunny.
A perfect day to take this table outside.
I got out our sander and several small sheets of sandpaper later,
this is what I came up with.
Not a ton different.
In fact.
That first picture is so cute with those two dogs
(and by the way, this picture was featured in a blog I follow here ,
how fun is that!)
that you may not even be able to tell the difference.
Or even agree that this one is better.
But I like it.
Not so perfect.
It'll do.

And remember I moved the white wicker chair here
(I couldn't find my own post about this move
so here is the picture).

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