Saturday, April 9, 2011

Soul Surfer. A great movie.

I loved this movie.
Davis did not want to go.
If he had the choice he would probably stay home most of the time except to go gold panning.
He doesn't like many movies either.
He has a hard time staying for all of a movie.
There are not many movies he can sit for the whole thing but this was one of the few movies that he was glued to his seat through out the whole movie.
He liked it!

I loved this movie for many reasons:
1. It is based on a real live story.
2. The family fought hard to keep their faith in Jesus Christ in the movie.
3. Helen Hunt and Dennis Quaid are great in this but even better is that they had wrinkles and they could move all of their face. I don't know about you but I get so tired of seeing actors or singers look more than perfect and it bugs me when I can't see their face especially their eyebrows move.
I LOVE those two even more.
I loved how they portrayed a real family.
4. I love the whole story. I love how they put it together in the movie. It was fun, touching and beautifully done.
5. The actress AnnaSophia Robb played the main character. She did a great job! We LOVED her in "Because of Winn Dixie".
6. Being able to see Kauai and Maui in this movie. LOVED that part!

Side note:
I love how clean and wholesome this movie is (there are lots of bikinis however...but this is a surfing movie, after all), but in one scene the two girls are looking at new bathing suits and one holds up a one piece and the other said, "are you 100 years old"....or something like don't need to be 100 years old to try to be more modest in your swim wear. The main character did make fun of how small a bikini was by comparing it to a pirate eye patch. Funny.

This is a very touching movie and made me cry several times. It also made me smile and laugh.
I LOVE movies like this.

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