Monday, August 22, 2011

Friday was the last day...

We spent the day going to a couple of different beaches and playing in the waves and trying to avoid getting sunburned.

That's Davis, me and Sheyla enjoying the water (even though Sheyla really shouldn't be in the water...we tried to be careful).

Davis and Sheyla couldn't surf so next time we go (if ever....some how Jeff and I will go again...we just have to) we will go surfing and I will try to stand up so at least I have a long time to get ready!

We went to The Kuhuku Grill in Oahu. It's an amazing place that really is just a little shack with beautiful, scrumptious food!

Sheyla got coconut macadamia shrimp and Davis got the garlic shrimp plate.

Jeff and I got hamburgers and they were amazing too!  Those french fries were the best ever!  Yummy!

Both Davis and Sheyla said they would probably cry when we left. They didn't but we all were a little sad to leave! We all LOVED it so much!

We got to see the Temple. I stupidly erased the close up. It is a beautiful calm sanctuary.

BYU Hawaii is a quaint amazing place in Laie.

Our cute nephew attends BYU Hawaii and met his adorable fiance while attending school. We took them out to dinner Friday night.. They are getting married September 9th in the Laie Temple. How cool is that!
We got home late Saturday night and we are still trying to recuperate from an amazing trip!

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Kim K. said...

What a beautiful trip. Such a fantastic adventure.