Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sheyla's Epoch Adventure.

picture taken last week.

I'm not sure this is completely funny yet
but it deserves to be told because it really is epoch.
I think that if I had a hallucination it would be stick figure nursery rhymes.
This is from the brilliant mind of Sheyla. 
They gave her IV ativan in the ER last week
and quickly she began having hallucinations
(needless to say she will never have that again)
most of which took place in the ceiling tiles as she was looking up from her hospital bed.
I texted almost everything she said to my husbands phone to have a record of her epoch adventure.
She spoke distinctly and slowly as it was unfolding before her eyes.

She told me she saw a bear and she said it wanted her to follow him. She saw a tree but it was probably a fake tree. (The nurse told her not to follow the bear. The nurse left after that).
There's a guy on a throne and they were trying to push him off.
There's an army being gathered. People. Like rock people and normal people too.
The king is distraught. The queen is bringing her maidservant and her third child.
They got a prisoner...
The trees are interrogating the rock prisoner.
I hope you brought a voice recorder.
It's more like he's a guest.
The kings advisor is getting angry.
There's a tree guy that is happy. Not a good happy but an evil happy.
The trees are gathering for war
(I asked Sheyla if it was like Lord of the Rings and she said it was more epoch than that).
His daughter found a pigeon but he didn't like it but realized it was a good idea to have a pigeon.
Now they are gathering to march.
The earth moves away to give them passageway to where they need.
They caught a tiger.
The dragons don't look too pleased.
Now it's chaos because the dragons decided to move.
They found a secret weapon but nobody knows what it is. The king and queen said, "give it to us".
....now the trees are getting angry. They are starting to move and destroy the kings palace.
The princess isn't too happy. She runs away....the tree lord...
It's announced that she is at the tree lords place...she is standing on the edge.
The tree lord and his wife.
...the rock lords.
The tree people are sad.
The human people don't know what to do. The princess...
The light went to go see the king.
It demanded to see the king but the king is hiding his head because he is a coward.
It looks like the evil is coming.
Now it looks like the underground fortress is being torn apart....some of these things are HUGE.
The rocks have people living with them and they're letting them die.
Now the forest is coming with all the trees and stuff because the stone people are evil.
The tree people want to be happy and want to be green and save everything...
The oldest tree is unhappy with everything that is done.
They double crossed their teams.
And caused chaos.
Most of the people they went to go shake their hand....which is a branch because he is a tree...
The ceiling tiles don't like being held where they are anymore.
They are fighting against it.
The lights are beckoning to me that they want to be turned on (we turned off the lights).

She finally started calming down and finally closed her eyes. After awhile she opened them, looked up and said, "it's so busy in here!"

They don't want the light attached to that panel...
The archers....and there are dragons too....
She rested longer and then out of the clear blue she exclaimed,
"I just totally saw Russell Brand and Katy Perry walk in here with a ton of people....ha....what?"
She asked for some chocolate and I asked her if it was like the chocolate they had to eat after being around dementors in Harry Potter and she said "no" but then she added, "there are a lot of dementors in here though".
She was happy with Oreo cookies.
She was much calmer after that and soon we went home. 
But on the way home she was playing with the light beams coming in the car. There were a few very bright lights on the way home because of the road construction. Her hands are piano playing elegant and she was moving her hands like someone would play with water or I guess light beams streaming in a car at night.

We finally made it home around 1:30 am.
I made sure she was safe and tucked in that night. I couldn't go to sleep for two hours.
She is doing much better. She still can't drive till she is three months free of symptoms.
She had her MRI on Friday but we won't hear the results for awhile.
She finished Massage Therapy School last week and graduates Friday!
Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah! Hip hip hurrah!


Kim K. said...

Oh my goodness. Your poor sweet baby. Scary and wild all at the same time. Graduation celebrations are definitely in order!!!

Cheryl G. said...

So very true!
Thank you!