Friday, June 29, 2012

Finished Project #16. Mod Podged Boxes.

So much for finishing at least one project a week.
Next year, the goal will be,
something else like,
finish 25, 39, 41 or 42 projects in a year.
Life happens when you make other plans 
and life has been happening at a rate
not conducive to arbitrary and possibly unrealistic goals.

I had these two boxes.
One was an adorable Christmas box
and the other one was just a plain brown one.
I had some Mod Podge.
I had some wrapping paper.
I made the boxes cuter.
Use better quality wrapping paper
if you Mod Podge anything.
Using thin paper makes it complicated
 and the paper can tear easily.

It'll do.

Here are some things I loved this week:
I adore that Emily Henderson.
So talented.
So simple and charming. And here too.
This is so brilliant. And this. And this.
They went to Iceland and shared some pictures.
Must. Go. There.
Words to live by. And here.

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Kim K. said...

Missed your blog while we were away. I'm definitely needing a crafting fix too. Hugs.