Thursday, June 21, 2012

The Three Amigos.

Last week Davis went with his two friends
to a trampoline fun center and had a blast.
This is one of the first times he has gone somewhere
with his friends
and stayed.
He frequently talked about it
and excitedly planned for me to take him
and his two friends there again on Tuesday.
He was so excited that the night before he went to bed early
and woke up early worried that he would sleep in too late.
He was happy as a jumping bean
jumping, swinging and trying new tricks
And those two friends were close at hand.
I adore those two friends of his.
They are not always available for him.
How can they be, they are teenagers busy with life,
work, other friends, sports and the other things teenage boys do.
Yet, they frequently make time for Davis just to hang out.
Sometimes they will just sit
with Davis while he plays video games.
I sometimes have to remind Davis to let them have a turn.
Sometimes he will all of a sudden say out loud,
"ok I'm ready for you to go home now."
And they cheerfully will leave and say,
"thanks for letting me come over!"
He is frequently awkward
in his own sweet quirky way
but these boys don't seem to notice or even care
(I know they must notice but they never act like it).
A few years ago Davis would call a list of boys 
almost every single day to see if they would play with him.
And every single day those boys would tell him no.
These two boys can't always play
but sometimes they will come over and even ask if Davis is home.
Davis will sometimes even go to their houses.
These two boys, consistently over many, many years,
 have made time for a special friend.
 These two boys make a 6 foot 3 inch boy and his mother so happy.
I will always and always be forever grateful for them!


Kim K. said...

What special young men. I'm wiping away happy tears reading this post. I think you have the perfect place for Davis. Those pictures capture him perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear,
such a nice boy and such a good mother! I wish you only the best in your life!