Tuesday, July 3, 2012

How to plan for a fire and think about loosing everything.

Last week, some of the people in our little town were evacuated
because of a fire that was in the mouth of a little canyon,
in a very small field in between heavily wooded areas.
It burned about two acres.
It has scared everyone.
It is only a couple miles away from our home
but the mountain
is full of scrub oak.
Everyone should have been evacuated.
Thankfully the firefighters got the fire out
and the city is working out the kinks.
There are about 10 fires going on in the state of Utah.
There have been fires in Idaho and Colorado too.
Last night we packed up our Go Bags.
We made our plans of what we would take
from the house if we only had 5 minutes to grab our stuff and go.
There is going to be a mock fire evacuation in less than two weeks.
I hope we never have to see if it works.
Sunday night they put out four fires close to this one.
Some crazy/evil person is trying to set our mountain on fire
(at least three different times in the last week).
The most terrifying thing about it is
that someone would deliberately put so many people at risk.
Let alone the property damage it could cause.
We always knew there was a fire risk
about where we live
but we didn't worry too much about it.
We've never been more scared
and we've never been more prepared.

They caught the guy that was setting the fires!
He is an 18 year old volunteer firefighter of the next town over.

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Kim K. said...

It gives me the chills thinking about how devastating a fire could be. Praying that you never have to worry. Hugs.