Thursday, July 5, 2012

That was a pretty great day!

 I LOVE the Provo City 4th of July Parade!
Not everyone shares in my enthusiasm.

 We didn't make it through the whole thing
but enough of it to make me happy.
We later went to see the Spider Man movie
which made the two kids happy.
We later went to the cute apartment of one of my nieces for a 4th of July shin-dig.
 They provided hot dogs and we brought some more
and a tasty spinach/mushroom salad.
Most everyone brought something to share!
 She had lots of friends and family.
Including most of our own.
 Rian loved the broom!
Such a silly girl!
 What a beautiful Day!
 My niece made an adorable festive cake!
 She knows how to throw a party!
She also put boiling water in a cooler with corn-on-the-cob
and let it sit for a while.
It was so yummy!
 She lives down the street from the Stadium of Fire
so we got to hear and see much from the show!
Loved the fire works
(except it caused some mild seizures
for daughter #1).
We need to keep that in mind next time!
We later made it back at home 
where everyone crashed into their beds!
 That was a pretty great day!


Kim K. said...

Looks like a perfect day. Super pics. Gorgeous cake. We stayed up much too late in the heat watching and setting off neighborhood fireworks. Have a gorgeous weekend.

There is Beauty all Around said...

wow, special cake!