Thursday, August 9, 2012

Some More of Yellowstone!

 This canyon, in real life, looks like a painting. 
Oh, I love it so!
 This is where the Buffalo roam!

 Those are the Sheepeater's Cliffs. 
My heart breaks for those Sheepeaters!
Those cliffs are spectacular and so fascinating!
My heart beats for that handsome man by the cliffs!
 Beauty is everywhere.
Too bad those 2/4 kids don't want to see EVERYTHING!
They are content to wait in the car 
(some of the time)!
They do not appreciate what they are missing!
 I GASPED when we drove by this lake!
I LOVED it the first time I saw it years ago!
I LOVED it this time too!
And yes, those 2/4 kids wouldn't get out of the car
for this either!
 Oh, those sweet giant Buffalo!

Don't look at my neck.
I feel bad about MY neck!
Do look at how much fun we look like we are having.
Jeff doesn't look like he's having much fun here
but that's just because he is a silly silly man
and he likes to make silly silly faces!
He is the best sport and the best travel companion.
I don't feel so bad about him!

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