Monday, February 25, 2013

A Pretty Great Weekend!

We had a weekend filled with:  getting ready for a baby shower and in-laws staying for the weekend,
a sweet friend that helped me get my house ready for the weekend, my dear husband who went on many errands for said weekend and vacuumed and did pretty much anything I asked, My daughter-in-law-who-could-be-a-successful-party-planner redecorated for the baby shower "with cuteness",  my almost 37 week pregnant daughter beautifully and mightily growing little baby boy, my mother-in-law helping keep dishes and dogs at bay, lots of snow and some beautiful clear blue skies, family dinner, church for most everyone, family dinner again  and enough of little Miss Sunshine to make us laugh and laugh!
Thank you everyone that helped make the weekend so great!

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Kim K. said...

Sounds like a perfect family filled weekend. Love the mini dress in your sweet puppy.