Thursday, August 5, 2010


The day after having nose surgery.
His nose splint keeps falling off.
I stuck a large bandage on it so it can stick better to his face.
It doesn't fit as well as it used to.
It is supposed to protect his nose.
It'll have to do.
His abrasions are healing amazingly.
He looks incredible.
On August 31 he will have another Xray.
They will re-evaluate then.
His neck/back isn't so great.
His job is to rest and take it easy.
He can walk.
He could be in a pool
but he can't swim or jump
(I'd be afraid of someone bumping or hitting him.
Unless, we install our own pool in the next day or so,
I don't think being in a pool is an option).
He wants to gold pan.

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