Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rocks and worry.

Davis has been so obsessed with gold panning.
We have so many rocks from Alaska on our dining table.
Sparkling and beautiful.
He's been talking about how to celebrate his birthday
which is coming in a few weeks.
Talking and talking and talking 
for almost a whole year.
Now, it's fevered.
We have to wait till
the next x-ray 
to see how his neck
is healing 
before we can plan 
exactly what we will do.
So many plans.
He changes his mind 
nearly 100 times a day
or more.
He had a rough night last night.
He had such a difficult time falling asleep
and woke up at 3:30.
He finally went back to bed
and slept
until I got him up for school
at 6:35 am.
Most days he does
amazingly well.
Really amazing.
How do I not worry so much
about every single day
of his life.
How do I?

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