Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Speed bumps.

Soon after Davis came home from the hospital 
I bought an art kit
from Walmart
(a "Family Fun" set).
Davis never wanted to
work on it.
I know. It's very juvenile.
 I made all but one of the projects 
the other day
as we all
(well, the three of us)
watched a movie together.

This is about my speed lately.
It's all I could muster.

I want to paint walls and fix up some furniture.
I want to create amazing stuff
(who am I kidding---I can't do that stuff well 
even on my best days).
I want to read books
(I can barely look through magazines).
I have read things to him
from his gold panning book
(his vision has been blurry, 
luckily he is seeing the eye doctor tomorrow).
I want to get out
and have fun
(at least he and I can walk together
up and down our street
several times a day).
We went to another doctors appointment today.
I am very grateful for how well he is doing.
I was even more grateful today
as I watched other moms
 lovingly hold and play
with their severely
disabled children.

He's getting better and better
every day
and that's what
I'm working on
and fighting for.

The rest will just have to wait.

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