Monday, November 22, 2010

Sunset, being grateful and occasionally; lucky.

The sunset was so beautiful
that when I walked outside,
I gasped loudly.
I had my camera around my neck 
because I was just taking pictures
of the incredible moon
out our back porch.

I think it's time to list some things I am grateful for.
Not only is it Thanksgiving this week:
I am in need of an attitude of gratitude
(or something)
because sometimes I just seem
to want to be
something else.
And it's not pretty. 
  • I am obviously grateful for my family and I am especially grateful for that cute little bundle of joy occasionally called "Little Miss Sunshine" because she is that and more (you thought I was going to say she is all that and a bag of chips....that would have been too silly)!
  • I am grateful that I get to stay home and take care of my family (I have worked at times with children so I do know how lucky and fortunate I am to stay home) which also allows me to play, create, rest, read, or play some more. Lucky.
  • I am grateful for something amazing to look forward to. Tropical and warm. Lucky.
  • I am grateful for children who work hard for a goal. Even when it's very hard to get there.
  • I am grateful for a husband who works hard at his job, who works hard at his responsibilities and who is usually very patient with me. I am trying not to press my luck, however.
  • I am grateful for a warm and cozy home with great magnificent views. Once again. Lucky. Even with the occasional malfunction.
  • I am grateful for loving animals (but not all the hair they leave all over the place). I am grateful they make us smile and laugh and sometimes lower a heart beat or two.
  • I am grateful for a brand new bed frame (from Ikea) that makes it so there isn't a long lump down the middle of my bed (long story).
  • I could go on and on....I told you. Lucky!

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Laurel @ Ducks in a Row said...

It is a blessing to have blessings and be grateful for them!