Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Room-mate drama.

What is that?
Well remember the room-mate situation?
We went up to Salt Lake yesterday
for a doctors appointment for Davis.
We went to Sheyla's apartment
to pick up a dresser
and some other things 
we left behind.
This is her bed
(we are still paying rent).
The thing on the left is a dirty foam pad
and there are clothes and other stuff
on the bed
that do not belong to Sheyla.
We thought that black thing hanging off
the side rail was a dirty pair of underwear.
It is a dirty flimsy bra.
The room-mate had a bunch of stuff on
Sheyla's dresser too.
We took our microwave,
dishes, cups, silverware,
broom,  curtains, and bathroom rug.
We could have taken the shower curtain 
and garbage cans.
We didn't want them
but I felt like taking them 
and throwing them away.
But we didn't.

It's not over yet.


the gracious gaze said...

Yuck! I just read through those other posts and I am so glad you got her out of there.

Cheryl G. said...

Thank you!