Monday, October 31, 2011

Sisters and Happy Halloween!

I took my youngest sister out to lunch 
and some vintage/antique shopping today.
She lives in North Carolina and I rarely get to see her.
She is out visiting my parents for about a week 
and I got to steal her for a few hours
(they had a dinner party for her yesterday,
almost everyone was there---
not everyone lives in Utah or nearby).
She is pretty, smart, funny and so much more
(and she reads my blog!).
I forgot to use my camera or my phone.
Darn it!
The top photo is my youngest sister and my dad from Saturday night.
They went as "smarty pants".
We didn't get to go but here are just a few pictures from that Halloween Party
 (that my brother and his cute wife had).
Little Miss Sunshine was there too!
As a cow.
How udderly cute!
One of my other amazing sisters took these other photos.
The last photo, Sunshine is looking at one of my darling nieces.

Hope your Halloween is fun and safe!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

What a super clever costume. I'm totally loving the smartie pants idea! Adorable pic of your Dad and sis. Halloween hugs!