Friday, October 21, 2011

Finished Sun Room Transformed into One Year Old Party Perfection.

I got the lights up with the help of Jeff, Sheyla and Davis. I LOVE the ceiling.

I recovered the chairs too with about $15 worth of fabric. I even timed the last chair. I did it in 9 minutes. Even with getting up and getting more staples for my staple gun.

Daughter-in-law and her sister really could be party planners. They transformed this room into the cutest little party place complete with faux curtain panels. Pictures don't do it justice. I've never ever decorated like this or even a 1/4 like this. They love doing it and made the room up so sweetly (the blue ceiling and those groovy lights added the perfect touch...wink...wink).

They rearranged the furniture for just the right ambiance and space planning for the party (it's now all cleaned up and put back together).

Daughter-in-law's sister brought her blanket (from Ikea) to cover the futon. It added the perfect touch.

I took Rian to the store during the day and had so much fun. She makes this face to random people to try to get their attention and it works. She makes everyone smile.

She was so happy she was clapping! 16 adults and 4 little kids made for one fun party.

Britni made these cake pops. Yummy!

She had fun opening presents with a lot of redirection and help. Look how cute and happy momma and pappa are. Priceless.

That was a fun game!

Daughter-in-law made this adorable little cake for Rian.

She didn't want to eat the cake and had to be coaxed to even touch it.

I don't think she even tasted it but she managed to get her face just a little messy. Precious!


Kim K. said...

I've been eagerly awaiting this post. I love the ladybug theme. Your decorations are just delightful. I love everything...especially Rian's dress. Birthday blessings!!

Kimberly said...

So much detail. It looks amazing. Should have been featured in a magazine.