Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Before and After.

This is before.
It shows how ginormous my head really is.
Another Before.
I actually like my hair.
I just wet it this morning 
(didn't have time to wash it)
and put a little gel in it
and this is the mess that I like.
I got glasses.
Mostly for the bifocal part of it.
I not only look smarter
but I may actually BE smarter.
It's amazing what happens when I can read ALL the time.
I did get granny glasses from Walmart
a long time ago
but I still couldn't read 1/2 the time
(maybe even more that that)
because I didn't actually always have my glasses.
That's not a fox or mink muffler I have around my neck.
It's Frodo
hanging around with me.
some one still loves me.
Not only have I felt like I have had a 30 point drop in IQ points:
I haven't been able to see as well as I used to.
I'm pretty sure I have early dementia.
And I am pre-menopausal.
I'm nearly 46 after all.
Daughter #1 had an endoscopy yesterday.
Youngest son keeps me on my toes.
And last week I had another skin biopsy done.
I just found out the results.
He said there was mild architectural cell changes 
and to come back in three months.
This time from my back 
and the doctor found it.
I should find out the results soon.
So for today:
Being able to see better is enough.
Plus, I have been listening to Adele's 21 album.
Over and over and over.
LOVE it!

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