Tuesday, March 8, 2011

O blackbird! Sing me something well...

The animals are all excited because we have a sneaky guest.
A black bird got into the hole of the wood burning stove
and fell down into the wood burning stove
(that long black pipe in that picture 
 is for the wood burning stove).
I tried to get him out
but he flew away.
Into our house.
He is flying
to and fro.
The animals are trying to help me get him out the door
(I put the cat outside so she won't get him for a snack).
This is a window above our front door.
He wants out.
It's been three hours.
I hope he doesn't build a nest.
We have enough animals.

Title from first line
of Alfred Lord Tennyson's
The blackbird.
Just in case.

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