Friday, March 25, 2011

Humming Bee Designs

Daughter #2,
Child #3 (out of 4)
is one talented young woman
(for the record each of the 4 are very talented
in a myriad of ways.
Just so they know
I think
they are 
each talented
in their own way).
She makes her own patterns for darling wallets
(one of her many talents)
and she just started her third blog
(with only one entry,
by the way).
It has a link to her Etsy site.
A couple of the girls at her old work
(just a couple of weeks ago)
bought wallets 
because they are that cute.
One of the great things about the wallets
is that they perfectly fit
paper money 
each one
is beautifully uniquely different
she cleverly makes slots for cards brilliantly.
It would make her happy!

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