Monday, May 9, 2011

Gracie doll from Ninimakes.

A while ago I received a large envelope in the mail.
 I bought a sweet fabric Gracie doll from
I once won a giveaway from her
and I was mesmerized not only by the prize
but also by the way she wrapped the gifts.
This time was no different
in the fact that the wrapping is so sweet.
Look at those buttons.
And look at her card.
How sweet is that!
The last picture shows the adorable doll.
It's downstairs in the tv room.
Next to the pillow I made.
She also sent the sweet flower.
Just because she is so neat!
She is so very talented!
Go check out her blog here,
I call her my England blog friend.
Because that's where she now lives.
I've never met her before
but she grew up close to where I did
in Northern California.
Small world.
You can order kits from her website here.
She also gives a few of her embroidery patterns for free.
They are just as amazing.
This is one of her patterns
that I embroidered.
I told you she is so talented!

1 comment:

joanie said...

Awww Cheryl, you're too kind! What a lovely way to start the day and such a sweet message to wake up to on a Tuesday morning. I'm so happy she arrived safe and sound, Royal Mail is not always the best.
Thanks for making me smile :)
Joanie x