Friday, May 20, 2011

Pretty little potholder.

I bought this book ages ago.
I am finally making one
(actually I am going to make about six
or more).
I'm not completely finished with the first.

By the way:
1.  I do not sew nearly often enough 
so I am not nearly comfortable enough
to even think to know what I'm doing.
I am working on it.
2.  I liked making this log cabin pattern
and I am not a quilter.
4.. Davis got asked to MORP.
Prom backwards.
This will be his first date.
4.  Little Pippin will be going to his new home
in two weeks and it makes me a little sad
but we cannot keep three dogs.
He is soooo cute.
5.  Dear Husband and I started a health challenge last week.
There is a new challenge each week
and then a new one is added each week
(it goes on for 12 weeks
and we are going to continue to work on it forever.
That's the plan).
It really is brilliant.
Last week was exercise three times a week for 30 minutes.
This week is to have at least 3 fruits/vegetables a day.
The idea is to continue to do each challenge
and add or increase them each week.
We want to get healthier
and in better shape.
I want to be able to stand up
on a surfboard the next time I go surfing
(among other things).

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

I'm impressed with everything on your list. I bow to anyone that can sew. Good for you!! Your health challenge sounds awesome. I need to do a better job of being consistent with exercise. Best wishes with saying goodbye to your sweet little dog.