Wednesday, July 27, 2011

40 weeks old!

I got to babysit today and look how fun it was! Dang, she is so cute!

She took a little nap and the dogs wanted to watch over her.

Our bedroom is about to be repainted by me. 1. I'm tired of the poor paint job I did almost 10 years ago.   2. I have been dreaming about dark teal and I vacillate between safe beige and the dark teal. I am thinking to just go for what I really want.  3. It will be matte. I also made the mistake of using semi-gloss last time. What was I thinking! 4. I'm going to get curtains. 5. I'm going to work on a couple of art projects for my room that I may or may not show.  6. We may get new carpet for our room. It's been the same industrial strength blue carpet (probably the original 30 year old carpet). 7. I'm so glad that Jeff lets me do anything I want to the house (well, within reason and I'm mostly a reasonable gal).  8. I'm thinking I'll start after school begins when I may have more time.

I'm still learning about the camera and don't know exactly how to get the lighting just right but it sure is fun to practice and I'm all right with that!

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Kim K. said...

You definitely have the cutest little subject to practice your photography skills on. Love the pink bow in her hair, Squeal!! Have fun plotting your bedroom makeover.