Friday, July 1, 2011


I took this picture with my phone.
My phone.
A couple of weeks ago.
I posted it before 
but it deserves another post.
I'm so in love with this picture
(I really got lucky
and I'm easy to please).
Look at the beads of light on the fence.
I love the Dr. Seuss looking flower.
The sky is amazing
and the plants in the background are just perfect.
I love it and I'm not afraid to say it!

Back at the faux-mid-century-modern...
Davis still needs the wheelchair 
and is very bored.
We have tried to entertain
but that kid is 
voracious when it comes to curiosity,
need for projects and need for friends.
We can help with some of those things
but we cannot fully measure up.
He would usually scope the neighborhood
for friends or people to talk to
or things to do;
interspersed with his own projects 
that he comes up with every day
and then we have adventures together 
when he has exhausted all other avenues.
It's just not easy with a cast
and a wheelchair.
He gets to go get dirt for gold panning 
this weekend and he has been over-the-moon excited.
Jeff and our cute son-in-law 
will do all the work
(Davis will supervise)
so they can bring home dirt for him to pan
for the next couple of weeks.

(24 and our oldest)
may be having seizures.
 I took her to get an EEG the other day.
My mother was kind to come
early in the morning to be here with Davis.
We now have to take her everywhere
she needs to go
and she has school in the evening.
She had epilepsy when she was young.
Hopefully we find out next week
what is going on.

I've been so very grateful for Jeff
and all his help and support
and so grateful
that I can be home to take care of
 what needs to be taken care of.


Kim K. said...

Sounds like you are in need of some extra prayers and virtual hugs right now. Please know that I'm thinking of you and your kiddos. Your photo is just stunning. I can't believe you were able to get that kind of quality with a cell phone.

Cheryl G. said...

You are so sweet to say all those nice things!
Thank you!