Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Independence Day.

Really this is from Saturday.
Jeff, Davis and son-in-law went to pan for gold.
I went to the Farmers Market to hang out
with Britni and help with her booth
(She had her adorable handmade wallets
and I had my felt flowers).
The booth didn't go so well
but I LOVED being with Britni.
I had to drop Sheyla off to school in the morning
and when I went to Britni's apartment 
I saw tons of hot air balloons in the air.
I didn't get the shots (photo) that I wanted
but at least I got a drive by of Darth Vader.
Later I picked Sheyla up from school
and the three of us ate lunch together
in the shade of a canopy
(doesn't that make you think 
I just said can-o-pee).
We did get to see the amazing fireworks
with Britni and husband.
Along with Sheyla and Davis,
Me and Jeff.
I LOVE fireworks
and appreciate going to see them with family
because many July 4th's I was 
working at a hospital.
We usually go to the parade on the 4th
but having Davis in a wheelchair seemed 
like it would be 100 times harder 
to squeeze in when we arrive so late.
I do LOVE a good parade.
We went out to lunch and
we went and saw Transformers.
Sheyla and Davis 
loved it.
 Jeff and I felt a little tortured
as we were stuck watching that movie.
Somehow, I feel a little safer with those
macho cars protecting our planet.

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Kim K. said...

The Darth Vader balloon is very cool. I'm sorry the booth wasn't a huge success but don't give up. Sounds like you had a good 4th of July even if it was a bit different this year.