Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I was...

I was going to post these pictures along 
with a list of 10 things I was grateful for
but as I sat down to the computer
with the list brewing in my head,
I got a call from one of Sheyla's 
teachers telling me that Sheyla had some
seizures and that she was doing better
but that she wanted me to come to pick her up.
I was going to say that I was grateful for Bajio
and for Jeff and for lots of different things
which I really really am grateful for
but I had to take her to the ER again.
They gave her a small amount of IV Ativan
and she had hallucinations all through 
the visit and partly on the way home
and I just got her tucked into bed
after getting her night medication
and helping her to the bathroom
and feeding the cat
and cutting off her name tag.
I was going to say that we went 
to Bajio because we had two kids 
to get to two different places 
at two different ends of the valley
at two different times
and I really really wanted a Chicken Ensalada.

I was going to tell you
about a woman I saw at the grocery store
that used to live a few streets up from us.
She is in her 70's and our oldest son
used to do some yard work for her.
I said hi and said that she used to live
in our neighborhood years ago
and said that it's been awhile,
and she said loudly,
almost with a gasp,
"Holy Cow it sure has been!"
I thought to myself that she meant,
Holy Cow you're fat and old!
I would have cried but I told myself
that she could have meant
Holy Cow it's been so many years!
I also told myself,
I am over weight and I do look older
and it's been a long day
and she doesn't know that I took
my daughter to the Neurologist this morning
and that we had to schedule an
MRI for Friday so they can check
to see if there is scar tissue
in her brain.
She also didn't know that it's been 8 weeks
since I've had my last Diet Coke/Pepsi
and that I'm trying to exercise but that
I don't always exercise as much as I want
but I'm not giving up and I'm trying to be healthier.
She didn't know that my son is walking 
more and more with his crutches and his boot
and that he was in a wheelchair for 6 weeks
and that he will be able to walk soon barefoot
in the house
and that he can't be left alone
even though he is 17 years old.

I was going to say that I 
couldn't go to bed until I knew 
Sheyla was asleep and safe in her room.

I'm going to bed now.

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Kim K. said...

Please know that I'm thinking of you and everything you are going through with your daughter. I pray that her upcoming tests bring some peace of mind. Continued blessings on your son's milestones.