Friday, September 28, 2012

I'm Going to be a Grandma, Again!

These two sweet love birds
are ecstatic that they are 15 weeks pregnant!
A modern day miracle!
When Adam was only 19,
and only shortly after entering the MTC
to go on a mission,
was found to have a rare and nasty auto-immune disease
for which he had to go on chemo-therapy,
which thankfully saved his life.
He was later able to go on a two year mission
and even later meet my lovely daughter
and marry her!
They always knew that they may never 
be able to get pregnant.
Almost three years of waiting, she got pregnant.
But heart-breakingly, miscarried, early.
A few months after that,
they found she was pregrant again.
After a couple of months,
during an ultrasound,
they were heart broken again,
to find the baby didn't have a heartbeat.
So, it is with trepidation and anxiety
that they announce this pregnancy.
With great news from the doctor
and a strong and fast heart beat
from the baby,
they look forward to the birth of their
much wanted and much loved,
 little bundle of joy.
And so do I!

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Kim K. said...

Blessings to your GROWING family! What wonderful news.