Thursday, September 13, 2012

Musical furniture.

I moved 4 pieces of furniture
(with some help) 
and 2 rugs.
All because I was worried about our coffee table
(that I love)
and Little Miss Sunshine
(whom I love more)!
She already has fallen on it
and gotten a huge bruise on her forehead.
It had a hard wood top
with very hard metal legs in a rectangle.
The jute rug that I had underneath it
(that I love)
is thick and full of texture.
So much so that Little Miss Sunshine
(again, whom I love so much more)
would frequently trip on it!
I've been worrying about it all.
Thinking about the gash and stitches 
that were sure to come!
 I decided I would change things around
and so I did.
I knew I couldn't buy anything new
so I used what I had.
I know that old white chest
is too tall for a coffee table 
but for now it will do
and it's just a little funky
(which I love).
The rug is thin but has cute animal silhouettes
and she is less likely to trip on it
 (it was downstairs in our tv room)!
I also moved a bunch of things outside too,
just for fun!

1 comment:

Kim K. said...

I totally understand child-proofing. Looks like a perfect solution and you even got to play interior decorator for the day!