Tuesday, September 18, 2012


It is time for another list of things I am grateful for
(not all inclusive and not all in order of importance).
A frequent and needed reminder 
to count my many blessings:

Colors of Autumn.
A dear, patient, hard-working and loving man of a husband.
My children and for all the times they pick themselves up
and try to do and be just a little better
(the courage I see in each one of them humbles me).
Memories of tropical paradise get-a-ways.
The smile and laughter of Little Miss Sunshine
and hearing her say "salsa" about 30 times!
The perfect ice to crunch.
The view outside our big back windows.
Those mostly adorable and part-time pesky
 little animals that make me smile
(who also adore Little Miss Sunshine).
 The sweet and tender mercies of a loving Heavenly Father.
The feeling after getting a job completed
(I was going to say
the smell of wet paint.
But it's not like I like smelling paint
but it's the feeling of finishing painting
and having something completed
and that's accompanied by the smell of wet paint).
Grocery stores.
Pink little chairs.
Kind neighbors.
A good magazine.
A warm sunny day.
Watching a white moth
(thinking it's a butterfly)
flit around the garden.
The sound of birds singing.
A kind word.

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Kim K. said...

Beautiful list, beautiful pics...