Thursday, September 6, 2012

A flower photo with my iPhone and other crazy stuff.

Maybe not crazy
but just plain good!
Davis starts his new job tomorrow!
He gets to have a job coach
and two of them came over to
work on the initial assessment today
and meet him
and then we all went over to the grocery store
to talk with the HR Manager.
He got a new shirt and apron to wear
(he was so proud and happy 
that he tried them on and wore them home).
He has to always wear a tie to work
but wants us to get him a clip-on or zip-up tie.
He is so excited
and scared!
It helps that he will always have someone
to be with him to help him know what to do,
 redirect him and help him calm down.
He will only work two hours
three days a week.
Hopefully, it's perfect
or at least near to perfect for him.
Last night I had Jeff pick up some roses from Walmart
(yes, Walmart, It was nearly 10 pm after all)
not just because I love flowers 
(he was picking up an electric razor for Davis
because he needs to be clean cut for his new job
and especially for his meeting today
and he's terrified of razor blades
and he rarely shaves)
but I worked on cleaning the house
and I wanted a nice touch for our special guests.
It's always nice to have some flowers
in a vase or two, 
or three.

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Kim K. said...

Extra prayers and hugs for Davis.