Friday, May 3, 2013

I have a Special Announcement!

Not really Special.
That was just for dramatic effect.
I'm just going to tell you something.
I love when I see a clever sign
or something else that jumps out at me.
The other day I was thinking about it
and thinking about it
and thinking about it
so then I decided to do something about it!
Not that I know much more about blogging
than I did a few years ago
(even though I've been blogging for years)!
I am starting a second blog!

Life in Words and Pictures.

Just for fun
and just for an experiment
to see if it will turn out fun.

I would LOVE submissions too!
send to

Let the wild RUMPUS begin!

Here are some things I've loved:
Look at this amazing DIY 
hand made Shibori Pillows!
I could live here.
Or maybe even here.
Oooh. I love this.
Many years ago
I LOVED Rod Stewart.
Did I say LOVE?
Yes. LOVE.
Well, on the great Reality Rocks blog
she post a recent concert that he did
I'm in LOVE again!

Now, go out and take some pictures!
AND have some fun!


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