Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Musical Chairs Turns into Musical Blankets!

I still love this chair that I got a while ago but I originally thought I was going to put it in the tv room downstairs and I didn't at first but something wasn't quite right about the whole thing so I recently put it downstairs where it belongs (I will post pictures in the future) and because I didn't want to buy a new chair I left it without a chair for a while and the whole thing had a dominoes effect and here we GO!
How's that for a real long run on sentence!
This picture shows one of the blankets I got for our room after I painted it a bluish color, some time ago (with adorable baby Momo).
I was trying to keep Jeff in mind so he liked the room but I didn't count on the fact that it was so full of primary colors that it would drive me crazy.
So on Saturday, I went to Target to buy a white blanket (same brand as the previous blankets--I liked the size of those blankets). I just really really love a white bed (and I've since added an old blanket for the end of the bed for those little dogs of ours).
I had bought a pink ombre pillow from The Beehive Bazaar on Thursday (thinking I was going to put it someplace else but I LOVE it in here). And blue walls = a pink ombre pillow.
 Well, at Target (on Saturday) I got that little love pillow too.
And I got this pretty white pillow at Target too.
I brought up this chair from my "studio" and I LOVE the WHOLE thing now!

And I didn't want to waste perfectly good blankets so I put them down stairs in Davis's room.
He LOVES red. Both blankets are on his bed now and we can switch them when the mood strikes!

I didn't spend a ton of money on my room and I didn't spend any money in Davis's room!

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Musings from Kim K. said...

Aren't you having fun playing house! Your photos are fabulous. Love seeing the glimpse of your house.