Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother's Day.

 I had one of the best Mother's Day ever on Sunday.
I haven't always liked Mother's Day for so many reasons.
I probably need to see a therapist for it.
Not really
because it all doesn't matter.
I had no expectations except that it was going to be a nice day
(I didn't even know when Jeff would be home from a trip).
I already picked my presents out
and even a few more.
Which was the most brilliant thing ever!
I had a great time picking out fun presents
for the sweet Moms in my life.
I also received the most thoughtful gifts from my children
(and spouses---where applicable).
I got to see each of my own wonderful children,
their (well just the two that are married) own lovely spouses,
and my two very own amazing grandchildren
(well, I do share them)
who, by the way, make me feel like
they are such special gifts to me
(yeah, I know they are not just mine
but I feel they are an amazing gift in my life)!
I absolutely LOVE each and every one of my children
and even though I feel inadequate always.
It's not all up to me.
Thank you dear Jeff
(and yes, I know it's not all up to the both of us either
which comforts me to no end)
for making my life have more meaning 
than I ever could by myself.
Thank you for helping me every step of the way
and helping me with this thing, 
called LOVE and LIFE.
I couldn't be any kind of Mother without you.

Oh, that Nat the Fat Rat (she's the tiniest thing really)
she is such a good writer, the cutest person,
and loves her little family.
Read here for an adorable and heart warming post.   

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