Friday, December 11, 2009

Christmas (and somewhat close to Christmas) throughout the years!

We were married January 1986. This was taken at a friends house. So young and sweet.

I made only a few ornaments a few years ago trying to have one for every year (sad to say that I didn't complete them).

The start of our cute little family!

Then we added Christopher!

This was the same year. Christopher was born in December.

This year was SO much fun! They were old enough to be excited for everything. In fact, this is the year that Sheyla taught me a great lesson. The night that we got our Christmas tree I had imagined a tall, full and beautiful tree. But Jeff was in school and I was working as a nurse and we didn't have much money. When we went to the tree lot to pick out the tree, money chose the type of tree we got. But when Jeff put that little scrawny tree up in our living room, Sheyla danced and danced and sang and smiled! My heart melted. I saw that tree in a different light. A much better and sweeter light.
I will always remember that Christmas fondly.

They weren't sure about Santa.

Then, along came Britni!

This was the year that Jeff graduated from BYU! Yeah!

Along came Davis!

Check out the cute little white suit that Davis is wearing. This is just after Christmas and Christopher just got baptized. 

Then a few years later. 1997. We visited my parents in Nauvoo. We drove all the way from Tampa, Florida. We were spoiled by everyone. It was a simple but very memorable Christmas.

Fast forward to 2007. This was just before kids left for missions and college.
I know there are big gaps in there. There may or may not be Christmas pictures.
Time for more pictures!
I LOVE these pictures!
I LOVE my family!

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