Friday, December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

We've always made our kids wait downstairs (or somewhere else) before they can come and see the tree and open presents. The ones that are home are 16 and 22 and we still made them wait. Thus, the pout. Silly girl.

One view of our tree in the morning. Still no skirt. Oh well. I'm lucky there are gifts (there are more on the other side)!

There have been 6 stocking for 16 years. This year there are 9.

Opening presents is the funnest part!
My Dad has a rotating list for us to alternate our Christmas giving from year to year. Last year my second youngest sister made us the cutest felt ornaments that were so cute and thoughtful. This year my youngest sister had our name. She was so thoughtful and sweet in what she gave each person. She even gave couple gifts to the kids that are married.. She reads my blog and developed pictures that she put in a photo album and a photo in a frame for me. I am so touched by her gifts and the fact that she reads my blog!
I gave my parents two gift cards.

Jeff got our stove in! It works fantastic! The counters are in (they have to replace a piece near the sink because there is a large gap). Parts of the walls are banged up which means more work!
But I LOVE my new countertops!

All the kids came for dinner. It made me very happy. I missed them terribly today but understand that's the way of married kids and life.
We all went to Temple Square tonight to see the lights.
Note to self: Don't go to Temple Square on Christmas night. 1. There is no place to get warm because all buildings are closed.  2. There are no available bathrooms. 3. There is nowhere to get hot chocolate!
It still was a GREAT Christmas!

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